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Feminism Patriarchy

Phony traditionalists

One of the most bothersome aspects among today’s racists is their feminism, so much that I’ve been tempted to quote the many feminist passages in Harold Covington’s Freedom’s Sons. (Covington is supposedly the toughest neo-Nazi in America insofar as he is planning a violent revolution to takeover the Northwest for whites.)

1950s American family valuesCovington aside, what should be accepted wisdom among real traditionalists, patriarchy, is altogether missing in many quarters of white nationalists. Andrew Anglin’s recent articles exposing these phony traditionalists are worth reading (e.g., here and here).

11 replies on “Phony traditionalists”

h.a.covington is one of the finest white soldier in the world.Instead of discussing about how many angels may sit on a needle a real nightmare of white useless quarrels when the hour arrives about DECISION onwhat can we do.It’s sure ,if we white people, discard white women our way toward liberation is in big trouble.
I’m sure I’m not a liberal feminist because since50 yrs I’m living the NationaSocialist way of life here in Zionist Occupied Europe, it’s not easy because is a life of study,reading forbidden books and above all evaluate what we whites may do for the conquest of our awareness.
We kill each other for eons essentially for wrong reasons.Now the perils for our race are overwhelming and we have to discuss about what to do and discard useless and timewasting discussion about the role of women in nxt “regime change”

What do you mean by “discard white women”? Do you know what happened to Uncle Harold for admitting a woman in his inner circle? She betrayed him and started a blog exposing Harold’s “secret Nazi meetings”… Read at least one of the articles by Anglin before jumping here please.

Everybody may have personal troubles with single woman.My thought was in general about the role of women in white liberation war.
I guess we need all White people and understanding who is the rat in an organization is the real goal of a serious intelligence SS security service
PS. I’ll read again the Anglin’s articles but my opinion about the role of White soldiers,male and female, I’m afraid will remain the same

What are you talking about? You are from Italy, right? Were women soldiers prominent in either Republican or Imperial Rome? Covington was betrayed because he trusted a woman who used to work as a porn star. That was really stupid from his part. Do you imagine Hitler or Mussolini committing that sort of error regarding high officials of the party they created?

Roman Empire ended 1600 yrs ago .Hitler and Mussolini unfortunately lost a World War.
We’r facing a new paradigma about the military point of view because we must be ready for a bloody guerilla ( not a WW)of 3% of people if lucky.
So I’m stubborn in my opinion about inclusion of white Amazons in our ranks.

“Gun bunnies”, the term in Covington’s novels, are fictional. In real world they behave like this porn star who betrayed him (and even in his novels a government prostitute infiltrated the NVA!). I am not saying that there will be zero women in a guerrilla war, but my point is that in Covington’s last novel of his quintet he put women in the regular army within the Northwest White Republic after the race war (just as today’s US) and even in the government, about 50% of them!

This is suicidal liberalism, and goes beyond having a couple of gun bunnies in your little guerrilla war.

Why limit yourself to women? Recruit children, it’s highly effective among African warlords. Children are sneaky, and smaller targets.

We can’t afford to throw our White children in the trash, remember the 14 words. Some of the greatest White kings were children, and don’t forget how much children kick ass in TV shows marketed to them!

One of the latest shots of Adolf Hitler was of himself cherishing the hitlerjugend kids defending the Berlin’s burning rubbles.
Anyway I never thought about using children for war operations.
It’s a dim concept that about the greatest White kings…and children kicking ass in TV shows.May you enlighten ?

It was parody, though there’s a vein of legitimacy to it as well. A society can be truly pushed into bringing children into an armed conflict, but adults should try to avoid that if they can. Likewise, the existence of child prodigies or adolescent monarchs (and even warlords) doesn’t negate the intrinsic inequality of children and adults.

Children are to women as women are to men.

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