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Jack Frost on Dylann Roof


Editor’s note:

At last we have a slightly better article about Dylann Roof’s actions, this one by Hadding Scott at The Occidental Observer. Many of the previous blog entries in other white nationalist blogs bordered on hysteria to say the least. As to the moment of writing, Jack Frost’s reply to Scott’s statements is the only one that merits reproduction here:


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The illegal action that Dylann Roof undertook is utterly ineffectual for whatever pro-White goal he may have had in mind — certainly, even counterproductive.

Actions like these have to be seen in context. They have the potential to take on an increased significance quickly and cause the system to decompensate and lose control. For example, when Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914, it was far from clear that it would trigger WWI, although one might conjecture that possibility occurred to the assassin. As the long hot summer of 2015 is ushered in, you could say that America is awaiting its Archduke Ferdinand moment. As is admitted in the previous paragraph:

At best, one might suppose that he feels an obligation toward the White children in Charleston who must attend schools with Blacks, and hoped that a general race war would ensue from his initiative.

That may or may not have been his thinking. But if he really was trying to cause a race war, he may have also reasoned that the last thing he should do is say so. Likewise, it may have been his intent to cause a government crackdown on firearms, perhaps even initiate a ban on private ownership and a general confiscation. That is something that might destabilize the system enough to cause a civil war. But again, if that was his plan, it seems obvious that he should refrain from saying so.

The fact that his manifesto came to the public’s attention at all seems to have been inadvertent, which makes me think that he probably didn’t do this as an attempt to manipulate public opinion. In a way, it recalls the Las Vegas shooting in June of last year, in which Jared and Amanda Miller assassinated two policemen, leaving their swastika-stamped manifesto on one of the bodies. That manifesto never came to public view, as far as I know; apparently it’s been suppressed. (link)

There’s definitely an increasing amount of hatred directed at the police from all quarters. That’s a heartening sign for those who realize that it’s only the totalitarian control of the system that forces the races to live together. Police are the system’s bully boys, and hatred for them is a good thing from a revolutionary point of view. Should the system fail to the point of collapse, the races will separate naturally, without effort. An “educational project” would not be necessary.

One reply on “Jack Frost on Dylann Roof”

In the thread Scott said:

Okay, Jack Frost, you exemplify the type of person that has no patience for an educational effort, as briefly described above.

Frost responded:

150 years of failure isn’t enough? Should we wait another 150 years? By that time, and in fact, way before then, there will be nothing left to save.

More fundamentally though, there is good evidence that race mixing is a process intrinsic to civilization. It happens as races come into contact with each other and live in the same society. It has happened all over the world, even in places without Jews. Although Jewish propaganda has had an effect in promoting race mixing, it’s very difficult to separate that effect out from what would have happened anyway.

For example, there were very few Jews in America before the 1880s, but racial assimilationist trends were already apparent in the Civil War and its aftermath during Reconstruction. Whites showed themselves to be entirely capable of acting in a racially self-destructive manner all on their own. Or, let’s take a few examples from some of the putative intellectual leaders of the racial right. Fred Reed and his Mexican wife for example, or John Derbyshire and his Chinese wife, or Gavin McInnes and his Indian wife, or Jim Goad and his first wife, a Jewess. If this is how the racially aware behave, what’s the point of your educational project again?

And more recently (6:20 pm) K.K. commented:

In lecturing the poor Roof the author himself errs hopelessly in his judgement by parroting the very naive premise (of the New Right), categorizing the current battle as one of “ideas”. With regard to intellectual merit of “ideas” we of course beat the enemy up and down the street, all the way from the post to the corner; it’s not even a contest. So thereby, it should be obvious that “ideas” are not a deciding factor here.

In truth, as one will conclude when thinking through each possible level, the battle is still decided by the (power of the) sword. Granted, the sword isn’t very visible these days, but make no mistake: it is there, ready to strike, in case someone’s “ideas” are a little “too good”.

Time doesn’t permit me to expend on any further now, but I’m sure that many of you will be able to connect the dots.

Ps. Contrary to “battle of ideas”, and still in the same ball park, it would be largely correct to speak of “a battle for the minds of the people/masses”. But hereby always remember that the “minds of the people” are won primarily through control of the centers of power within the flow of information, by creating perceptions of consensus and/or authority; not by the merit of one’s “ideas”.

Yup. Fighting for the narrative that controls our minds is practically an act of war.

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