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“One supreme fact which I have discovered is that it is not willpower, but fantasy and imagination that creates. Imagination is the creative force. Imagination creates reality.”

—Richard Wagner

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“It has been made quite clear that we should have no History of Man at all, had there been no movements, creations and achievements of the white men; and we may fitly take world-history as the consequence of these white men mixing with the black and yellow, and bringing them in so far into history as that mixture altered them and made them less unlike the white. Incomparably fewer in individual numbers than the lower races, the ruin of the white races may be referred to their having been obliged to mix with them; whereby, as remarked already, they suffered more from the loss of their purity than the others could gain by the ennobling of their blood.”
–Richard Wagner

A newer and more advanced human species, Homo Sapiens, evolved outside of Africa about 150,000 years ago, when Africans were still an archaic species of hominins. Then, about 50,000 years ago, some of these modern species invaded Africa and mixed their blood into the archaic African gene pool. This created a hybrid African that outperformed earlier forms and spread throughout the continent. That is when negroes *began* to resemble Homo Sapiens, and that is why negroes are, and always will be, inferior to all other man-like species.

See, for example, the August 13, 2015 post at



“…the ruin of the white races” Wagner wrote. But if you are really a fan of Tristan’s Kurwenal, why you fail to see the obvious?

It was precisely in the Tristan that a line impressed me greatly decades ago. I cannot remember the act but IIRC it was a marine scene when the phrase “degenerate race” was pronounced.

During the last years of his life, and while he was working on “Parsifal”, Wagner was positively impressed by Gobineau’s “Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races”.

As was usually the case with Wagner, he felt that the French diplomat was expressing what had already been intuited by him. The vision of a degraded humanity caused by the miscegenation of the “noble Aryan race” with “inferior races” left a deep imprint on him. Pessimistic visions of life and history always touched a chord in Wagner, but, as was the case with Schopenhauer’s metaphysical pessimism, Gobineau’s catastrophism was also left aside in Wagner’s Weltanschauung.

In “What Boots This Knowledge?”(1880), he wrote: “We recognise the cause of the fall of Historic Man, and the necessity of his regeneration; we believe in the possibility of such Regeneration, and devote ourselves to its carrying-through in every sense.”

No, I had not seen what took place with your posts at Stormfront.

It is regrettable, and I wouldn’t want to think I contributed to your comments being deleted on the forum.

I think Stormfront must follow strict guidelines trying to prevent conversations from degenerating into the useless ‘I am whiter than thou” ad-hominems which are so disruptive.

It is partly understandable. Nordicism, politically, is a non-starter, and its agenda is best pursued as an aesthetic ideal. Even in the III Reich the most exalted nordicists had to be reined in, so don’t take it too personally, Chechar.

Population genetics, ascertaining which degree of admixture took place in the past in one country or another is certainly interesting. As any other field of scientific investigation, it offers us facts. But facts are dead matter, we need to bring them to life. Ultimately, the question is to determine not how close we are today to that unattainable aesthetic ideal, but whether tomorrow we’ll be a step closer to it. I believe all European countries, both on the mother continent or overseas have the potentiality of marching upwards and forward towards that ideal – even in the most marginal areas, there is at least a sizeable number of individuals which have that potential in them).

The most effective way for activating that potential is through art and imagination, as your original post so well reflects.

Böhm’s Bayreuth 1966 is one of the best ‘Tristan’ recordings, no doubt. My personal favourite is the Furtwaengler 52′ EMI recording: link

I’m afraid we disagree very, very strongly on this issue.

The bitch that deleted my comment was as stupid as this American bimbo. Would you delete a comment only because the commenter links two erudite articles written by a Spaniard? That’s the reason the Stormfront bitch deleted my comment and banned me! (By the way, at Stormfront in Spanish I linked the original articles in Spanish. I’ve translated them: here and here.)

The context of posting the links was merely pointing out that the Italian and Balkan peninsulas used to be whiter in the Ancient World, which is irrefutable. Unlike my site, I used extremely polite language not to offend anyone; for instance, in the deleted comment I diverted attention from the Iberian peninsula to the Balkan and Italian peninsulas (to avoid hurting Stromfront sensibilities in that forum for the Spanish speaking). Never, ever I used a pejorative epithet when referring to these Meds. But the bitch banned me anyway.

nordicAre you familiar with my polemics on this matter, e.g., what I’ve written about anti-Nordicist nuts like Greg Johnson (e.g., here)? Like Stormfront, Johnson started to delete comments from a Counter-Currents thread: comments of those maintaining the (commonsensical) view that some Europeans are less mixed than others.sicilian-man

So you agree with such Stormfront policy, that if you say that e.g., a Scandinavian is whiter than a Sicilian you must be banned from the forum?


FYI I have never played the silly “whiter than thou” game. I’ve said many times that I myself look like a Med (though whiter than the above Sicilian to be sure).

You’re right.

I thought just a couple of your comments had been deleted and that you were still allowed to participate in the conversation. Being banned for bringing up a controversial topic in a forum for debate is just ridiculous. Personally, I would allow all comments to pass the filter. After a while, debates tend to self-regulate and the better reason usually wins the day.

Nevertheless, WN forums are not only forums for debate, they also have political ambitions. Being weak politically, they overreact to the mere likelyhood of a split in its already meagre ranks. By experience, they know that any discussion on the degree of whiteness of a particular European country inevitably ends up badly.

I was just stating a fact. Maybe it would be better if Stormfront were just a forum for debate, and that political organizations were clearly separated from it, but nowadays it is not so.

The notion that “imagination creates reality” is indeed true.

An example for this is Zionism. Without imagination they would have never succeed in building their state.
Although many monocausalists claim that jews lack imagination, I state the opposite.
How could they succeed with so many schemes and complicated infiltration operations without imagination?

Another example is the invasion of Europe we are now witnessing.

Many settlers have been enticed to come to Europe by “social-media”, which are mostly in the hands of jews (facebook, google).

It is important that we share our knowledge on their machinations, so I ask you to share this article from the German “Altermedia Deutschland”:


“Altermedia Deutschland” also has an English-speaking sub-forum:


Such a refreshing sentiment; the fresh breath of idealism, as opposed to the soullessly ‘up-by-your-bootstraps’ Protestant individualism of America.

I ask where the latter has lead and I see a beautiful continent ruined and devastated by the hideously ugly materialism of America’s consumer culture.

That order is coming to an end and the European order will triumph over this spiritual miscarriage called the West. I hope Westerners perish for their unforgivable crimes against Europe.

I hope America is utterly destroyed.

Of course I despise George Carlin, but he was dead right when he said only a low-IQ population could take the North American continent and turn it into a transcontinental mall.

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