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Table talks (commercial translation)

Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 48


12th November 1941, evening

The Swiss have no other resources than their fraudulent manipulations. They’re completely mad to transfer all their money to America.

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Germany: pay attention please!

Most of the thousands of tonnes of your gold in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, located beside the gold that belongs to other countries, should be instead in Frankfurt or Berlin.

RickardsThe economist James Rickards has been predicting for some time that, after the dollar hyperinflates, the thousands of tonnes of gold in New York will be confiscated from the Europeans, Japanese and the IMF by the US government: a nation that already is the main perpetrator of the crime of the century when we were born.

If the dollar crashes this decade the US government will probably combine all of its gold with the confiscated gold of the nations that naively deposited it overseas and have 17,000 tonnes or upwards of 20,000 tonnes: 70 percent of all the official gold in the world.

Federal-Reserve-Bank-of-New-YorkThat would be enough to “reboot” the crashed economic system after the dollar hyperinflates! To boot, with that amount of gold the nation that led the crime of the century will be able to continue to dictate the international monetary system along with still more Americanism: exactly the sort of Yankee Americanism that has been leading the white race to extinction throughout the western world!

I would recommend Germany and other countries to withdraw all of your gold reservoirs from Yankeedom, exactly what Hugo Chávez did before he died.

You have been warned…

Unfortunately, the Germans have been informed about this gold storage problem numerous times, even by their tabloid newspapers and television. But the majority refuses to listen because their priorities are alcohol and savage hedonism.

On the other hand, I am optimistic that this giant gold theft (along with a major currency crash and the coming energy-cataclysm) will have a HEALING effect on the German’s and the European’s SOUL-STUMPS.

But we thank you very much for your untiring efforts, César. Your perseverance is needed.

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