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On Fox News’ bimbo

Megyn-KellyMegyn Kelly’s ambush on The Donald during the Republican presidential debate only confirms our view that no woman should hold a position of responsibility.

Yesterday night The Donald reacted hilariously telling CNN’s mulatto host: “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her—wherever.”

This alludes to Megyn’s menstruation. The Donald implied that, a couple of days ago, Fox’ bimbo was in such mood because it was her time of the month.

7 replies on “On Fox News’ bimbo”

At The Daily Stormer thread about Megyn Kelly, a male commenter has just said: “The ideal woman has a melodious, natural voice. Feminine tone”. So true. But for unknown reasons that comment seems to have been deleted (or become invisible to me).

That comment is still on there; you need to click on ‘Load more comments’ at the bottom of the comments section (“It’s the Jooz!” section) and scroll down.

Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
I did not see the interview. That being said, Donald Trump is classless. He epitomizes all that is wrong with America. This country has no class – just look at our so called ‘elite’. He can say what he wants and do what he wants because he has money. Nice.

“Having women on their knees,” – way to go. I would have more respect if Trump critiqued blacks and used the word ‘nigger’, but no, he chose to pick on White Women, the easiest target in America.

Gee and we wonder why White Women are not ‘breeding”, maybe because we get treated like dirt and are told to “get down on our knees” and suck the rich guys dick.

I would not want Trump marrying my daughter, I don’t care how “well” she was taken care of.

First, the American public must be indoctrinated into white washing National Socialism if it is to survive. Or do you mean, such videos are acceptable as a tactical move to gather support for Trump?

Second, this guy is so hilariously American when he mentions how many people were killed by Communists. Of course, there were many deaths! The USSR was violently and viciously attacked by the National Socialist beast (positive epithets) and tied in a bloodbath that lasted for four years. The USSR endured three famines and a civil war, too. And if they want to add famines and civil wars in China and Korea, it doesn’t make the estimations less skewed.

The anti-Communist propaganda is not what is needed considering how things have turned out. It was not Communism that castrated the West. Yet it is Russia that has preserved at least a memory of glory and self-respect.

You are maddening wrong! Any adult, male white who has not read at least the abridged Archipelago has been snatched. The only way to become NS is to hate Stalin’s USSR as much as the US, perhaps even more. Don’t discuss here if you haven’t read at least the abridged Archipelago please.

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