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An April 20th postscript

This is a postscript to the entry celebrating the 125th birthday of Hitler that has been just published on my main blog, The West’s Darkest Hour.

Kevin MacDonald

MacDonald is the only white nationalist that I respect. His work on Jewry provides the scientific basis to understand the problem. But I cannot respect other nationalists.

Brad Griffin (penname: Hunter Wallace)

A few days ago Hunter Wallace, the admin of Occidental Dissent wrote apropos the Glenn Miller shootings:

Upon reflection, the term “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist” and the damage that these people routinely inflict on the White Nationalist movement encompasses virtually all of the recent incidents which I wanted to address. What is a “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist”? In his book Blood and Politics: A History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream, Leonard Zeskind depicted the White Nationalist movement as being torn between “two political trends” which “vie for strategy hegemony”…

So we have a well-known Southern Nationalist using the categories (“self detonating lone wolf vanguardist”) of Zeskind—a Jewish president of a pro-Jew hate group—in order to categorize silly vanguardists? A Jew that in his article Wallace quotes at length to “understand” radical nationalists?

On the same article Occidental Dissent’s admin spoke in high terms about Christianity: “Southern Nationalism should emphasize Christian morality in order to attract the sort of people who can relate to their neighbors…” And in another recent thread he added:

In Southern Nationalism, there is a consensus that Christianity is our religion and provides the moral foundation of Southern culture, which we want to preserve, as well as a consensus that religious minorities will be tolerated. There is no such cultural consensus in White Nationalism. In fact, there is even a debate on basic moral questions like whether murder is immoral, which puts into stark relief the lack of a common culture.

Since Wallace received positive feedback from the commenters, one can assume that southern nationalists are completely unaware that Christianity has been more toxic for the white race than the Jewish problem itself.

Franklin Ryckaert, and Greg Johnson

Ryckaert at Counter Currents quoted Johnson’s article about Hitler on April 19, 2014:

“…he (Hitler) wished to reduce fellow Europeans, specifically Slavs, to colonized peoples, which contradicts the basic principle of ethno-nationalism. The North American New Right stands for ethno-nationalism for all nations, and we reject the totalitarianism, imperialism, and genocide of the Old Right.”

This is exactly the reason why genuine white nationalists should reject the man. I tried in vain to explain that to Carolyn Yeager, an inveterate Hitler worshipper. To try to express white nationalism in Nazi terms is indeed a “burden” that should be avoided. White nationalism is simply ethno-nationalism for peoples of European descent. I define ethno-nationalism as the endeavor to have a state for the [sic] own ethnic group that promotes the interests of that ethnic group. Ethno-nationalism should also be the right for all other races and ethnicities. In principle there need not be hostility between the various racial or ethnic groups, if this basic right is universally accepted.

Johnson responded:

Well put. It was precisely Yeager’s fundamentalist Hitlerism that caused the [sic] her break with Tanstaafl, who is a real White Nationalist, and the destruction of The White Network. Tan apparently had a superhuman ability to deal with Carolyn’s obnoxious personality, but when matters of principle were at stake, he pulled the plug. Let’s hope he finds more worthy outlets for that truly admirable level of disinterested idealism.

Johnson omits to say that he was angry with Carolyn Yeager because she was the first notable voice in the movement to tell a truth: that out-of-the-closet homosexuals are noxious for the pro-white movement.

As to Ryckaert, has he read The Gulag Archipelago? Even though Solzhenitsyn actually fought against the Nazis before being taken to the Gulag prisons you cannot escape the feeling by reading the Archipelago that the Germans were saving the invaded Soviet Union from the bad guys. All this talk by Ryckaert and Johnson about “Slavs” in the abstract misses the point: the SU was a Jew-led genocidal system that should have been conquered by fanatic, genocidal anti-Semites. Kind of Newton’s second law of motion about the behavior of objects for which all existing forces are not balanced.

Can’t these guys see something so obvious? “To live now and not to know this work [The Gulag Archipelago] is to be a kind of historical fool” —W.L. Webb. Ryckaert and Johnson are historical fools. (Keep in mind that you must have read it; not only secondary or tertiary sources about the book, to understand why the SU should have been destroyed.)

Furthermore, about Glenn Miller’s silly shootings this month, Greg Johnson seems to be on the same page of Hunter Wallace. At VNN forum Johnson recently wrote:

“Don’t quote me out of context. What Breivik did was stupid, crazy, and evil, and I made that clear.”

Isn’t comparing Breivik with Miller like confusing a smart Viking with a silly redneck? I won’t go into detail here but on VNN Linder has recently nailed Johnson’s self-righteousness (see e.g., here). Linder also quoted a recent exchange that, incidentally, supports the line of criticism I did in my main entry about this memorable April 20th:

Concerned White Man posted on April 17, 2014:

So Greg is not a fan of Yockey’s vision, and he uses worn out liberal phrases, like “self-determination”? You learn something new here everyday. The Germans were genocidal? And the West doesn’t represent imperialism? This is unbelievable from a “white nationalist” perspective.

Greg Johnson answered on April 17, 2014:

If you have nothing better to offer than point-and-splutter and snarkiness and “scare quotes,” you will not be allowed to comment again.

Of course: like the Jew-controlled media, Johnson has had a long history of censorship in his webzine for those even a little to the right of his POV.

Hitler, Rockwell, Pierce

But what do I think of events like the Glenn Miller affair? As always, listen to the (“vanguardist”) William Pierce, whose stature will never be reached by either “white nationalists” or “southern nationalists”:

Can you imagine our enemies acting in such an immature and undisciplined way? When the Jews want to hurt a country—Iraq, for example—they don’t express their hatred for Iraqis by setting off a truck bomb in front of the Iraqi embassy. They very carefully make a long-range plan to get one of their creatures elected President, and then they use the powers controlled by the President to inflict really serious damage on Iraq. If the Clinton administration became angry at China, say, the government would not send a squad of U.S. Marines to shoot up a Chinese restaurant in Washington. And Janet Reno wouldn’t show her opposition to letting Americans purchase firearms by ordering FBI agents to throw bricks through the windows of gun stores or to spray-paint hateful graffiti on the headquarters of the National Rifle Association.

The reason America’s internal enemies are winning now is because they not only use their heads to make plans, but they also exercise self-discipline. They keep their feelings under control. When Madeleine Albright began her murderous bombing of Serbia this spring [1999], every Jewish organization in America came out with strong statements of support for the bombing. It obviously was something the Jews had been thinking about for a while. But they did not act prematurely and foolishly by doing something like shooting up the Serb community center in Chicago. They understood that such an action would not cripple the Serbs or even weaken them; it would only put them on the alert, make them angry, and generate public sympathy for them.

I’ll recap what I just said. Random acts of violence don’t make sense now. Temper tantrums are not helpful. What we need now is self-discipline, not self-indulgence. It’s good for us to remember now the old, old rule for people who want to get rid of a king. The rule is: kill the king with your first stroke; don’t merely wound the king, because if you do he surely will kill you.

Hitler, Rockwell and Pierce must be our guiding stars. Forget the suckers.