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Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (book)

Book preface


Together with other pro-Aryan forums and webzines, recently my blogsite The West’s Darkest Hour became inaccessible from the public libraries of the United States. With all probability, what remains of the First Amendment in that country will finally die; and let us not talk about the so-called “hate-speech” laws throughout the countries of Western Europe that do not even hold remnants of first amendments. We are entitled to fear that in the future our forums will be censored not only at public places but in our homes as well.

It is high time, therefore, to save in printed form the most didactic pieces of the more than a thousand entries I have added to The West’s Darkest Hour since 2008. This book collects the crème de la crème of what I have read in both the printed press and online about the subject of White preservation. Except several short, elucidating notes, in this collection I have omitted my more personal, longer essays. (Those essays will appear under another cover, perhaps with the title Day of Wrath.)

Precisely because this book, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, is a prophylactic measure against the coming axing of the internet, it does not include some subjects discussed in my blogsite. I refer to the coming collapse of the dollar and, later in this century, an apocalyptic energy devolution that will open a big window of opportunity for Whites to wake up. Since both subjects are completely unrelated to racial matters the websites that explain them will probably survive the coming censorship. I would recommend those who are about to save in their hard-disks the PDF of this book, available at the sidebar’s top of The West’s Darkest Hour—or who will purchase hard copies of it as gifts for their friends and families—, to take the free audiovisual courses on the coming currency crash by Mike Maloney and the explanation of peak-oil by Chris Martenson. Both courses represent vital, complementary knowledge of the collection in the present book.

I chose the title of a “darkest hour” because what I treasure the most is Aryan female beauty; and unless Whites awaken from what the late Dominique Veneer called “Europe’s dormition” the fairest creatures on Earth will face eventual extinction.

The Aryans with honor that want to protect their women must acquire a Homeland of their own: a place where children can be born and raised in safety. A place where the numbers of the population that represents the crown of the evolution may be restored and the threat of extinction overcome.

Terre et Peuple, Blut und Boden

C. T.
20 April, 2014


* As soon as this clickable PDF is also available as a print-on-delivery book, I’ll replace the above image with a reproduction of the front cover of the published book, also featuring Maxfield Parrish’s Lady Violet, who resembles a girl I met long time ago…