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Ethnic cleansing William Pierce

Heimbach still has to see the whole forest

At Occidental Dissent, Mark commented today:

Christianity has made Heimbach soft. He himself receives abuses from Jews firsthand, but wants to turn the other cheek. He correctly identifies many of the problems, but some of his conclusions are half-hearted.

They’re not our enemies? Really? Let’s shake hands and break bread with people who want to turn every White nation in the world into a miscegenated third-world hellhole? If that doesn’t qualify as an enemy then what the hell does?

I’m not Christian, but considering how Jews have historically been the biggest anti-Christians to ever exist, it’s really strange how so many Christians practically worship Jews. If anyone should hate Jews it should be Christians.

As far as the “right” to a homeland, there’s no such thing. What, if we want a White nation we must then fight for everyone else, we must compromise with every other group and capitulate to their demands and help them? Nonsense, they still have control over you, you’re still a slave. Israel only exists because of the help from Whites, the same people they exploit, abuse and refuse to allow to have an ethnostate of their own. Without foreign aid and political and military protection Israel would be overwhelmed.

If you think giving your enemies the white glove treatment that they’ll reciprocate, they won’t. Don’t be naïve. It’s a waste of time.

If you dislike the word enemy, then use competitor. Jews and all other non-Whites are the biological competitors of Whites, always have been and always will be. Their very presence lowers our fitness and reduces our resources.

Let’s assume the Jews are a problem. I think everyone here will agree that Jewish influence has been bad for us. What are we going to do about the problem?

The most practical and fair solution is to deport them to whatever country will take them, same as with all the other non-Whites. They would likely go to the remaining liberal states of the Union or Canada, rather than Israel.

Problem is, the same thing that happened to Germany, the liberal Allies, including Israel and Jews who some want to treat with a kind hand, would all attack the White ethnostate.

There is no peaceful resolution to the problem, because our enemies don’t want a fair and equitable solution, they want total power and control.

It’s not just that he’s [Heimbach] got Jesus, he admits to being philo-Semitic prior to his racial awakening. Perhaps some of that still lingers.

Anyway, he’s young, he’s still evolving and other than that he does good work.

My comment:

Mark was referring to the article that Heimbach (photo) posted yesterday, which starts with the phrase, “Firstly we need to separate the issue of stereotyping the entire Jewish population.”

Like millions of Christians and secular liberals, Heimbach is myopic. The problem in the US is the whole Jewish population in the same way that the problem in Europe is the whole Muslim population, even when only a fraction of Muslims are actual jihadists.

The well-meaning myopia of my parents’ religion (stereotyping?—God forbid!) explains why I have been attacking Christianity in this blog. Today’s version of Christianity has produced a psycho-ethical structure that prevents decent, though myopic religionists from taking action against our ancient enemies: an action that will allow our civilization to save itself.

Heimbach obviously has not paid due attention to one of the best articles ever published on the Jewish question, “Seeing the Forest” authored by someone who, like me, left his parents’ religion behind: an article from which I’ll only quote the last two paragraphs:

You must back off a bit in order to see the forest rather than just the trees. The essential thing about the forest is that it is destroying our world. It is a parasitic forest. It is injecting spiritual and cultural poison into our civilization and into the life of our people and sucking up nutrients to enrich itself and grow even more destructive. Perhaps only 10 per cent of the trees in this Jewish forest have roots deep enough to inject their poison into us, and the other 90 per cent play only supporting roles of one sort or another. It is still the whole forest which is our problem [emphasis added]. If the forest were not here we would not have had to endure the curse of Bolshevism. If the forest were not here America would not be growing darker and more degenerate by the year. It is the whole forest, not just a few of the most poisonous trees in it, which must be uprooted and removed from our soil if we are to become healthy again.

The essential point again is this: not every Jew has a leading role in promoting the evils which are destroying us, and not every person is a Jew who is collaborating with the leading Jews who are promoting evil, but it is only because the Jews as a whole are among us that the evils they always promote are overwhelming us. If the Jews were not present we could overcome the evil men of our own race. The evil men of our own race may seek their own profit at the expense of the rest of us, but they do not seek to destroy our race. Only the Jews seek that.

Read it all. People who are not nearsighted can see the whole forest.

26 replies on “Heimbach still has to see the whole forest”

Any talk of “stereotyping” is liberal nonsense. We know for a fact that humans are intrinsically racial creatures, a Jew has Jew parents and Jew siblings and is probably going to marry a Jew and have Jew children. It’s a Jew, that’s the race of the person, and that race is a characteristic of the individual Jew down to the marrow. Take it away and the Jew isn’t himself, and not even fully human, and isn’t the kind of person you would want in your country anyways.

There’s honestly nothing complicated about the Jews, people just make it complex in their heads because being forthright hurts them. The Jews don’t like us, they aren’t pulling their shit on “accident”, they either don’t care or are outright hoping to cause us trouble. They have no reason to be in our countries except to steal our money and fuck us over. They should have been banished a long time ago; it isn’t even a question at this point, there is no reason not to banish them.

Heimbach is not fit to lead. He has an internal contradiction at the heart of his very philosphy. He at once worships a Jew and wants to free White people. What’s more, he believes that White people are a mere creation of this all powerful Jew. Therefore, he cannot reasonably be asked to take on our worst enemies as that flies square in the face of his most cherished value system. In so far as he ever does attempt to contradict Jewish interests it will be ever so half hearted and contradictory.

Aside from that, his strategies are completely outdated. He has no following to speak of and no plan of action. He simply creates the illusion of leadership by enacting publicity stunts which are magnified beyond all proportion by a media starved for sensational material.

In this way, 5 guys who spend a night walking around a campus become a “Racist Patrol”. One or two guys who say they want to organize for their race become a “White Student Union”. 5 guys who stand in front of 100 communists for no reason other than to cause excitement “Take on the Communists”. Who gives a fuck about pink haired homeless Communists anyway?

He is a tempest in a tea pot with no direction.

Read my article “Leader as Entertainer” and you will se where it all leads…nowhere.

I’ll give him credit for attaining some fame and preaching a pro-White message via Russian news. Indirectly, hostile outlets like Salon and Vice covered him in depth. As a proselytizer he’s achieving something, even if it isn’t much

His “Christian Conservatism” will tread water and eventually drown. Ideologically he’s pinned between a religion that 1.) worships a jew or mischling and 2.) makes no explicit defense of Europa & the White Race. Why he feels the need to attach Christianity to a pro-White cause is anyone’s guess. Same goes for the bizarre Southern fixation.

Maybe he’ll see the light one day.

He is new to the movement and he was recruited by the Jews, not personally, but through their counter-Jihad propaganda. It was disseminated by Jewish talk radio hosts such as Savage, Medved, etc. and picked up by evangelical churches.

Almost anyone who says “West” instead of White came in through the Jewish radio hosts or the evangelical movement.

Many of these evangelicals went to evangelical schools growing up. Add Sunday church and you’re talking 6 days a week of solid judeo-christian brainwashing for an entire lifetime.

I’m not optimistic either that many of these guys can shake that level of indoctrination or that their loyalty can ever be truly with the White race.

Their first loyalty is to a Jew. We are merely his creation.

What we would need to do to be free would run completely contrary to christianity.

Aside from these things there is a question of mental competance. It is my belief that anyone who reads the bible and can get past the talking snakes and magic apples and then tell me with a straight face that it is true hen that person is an actual idiot. I’m not saying this to be insulting. I mean it literally. That person is an idiot, demonstrably so and is not fit torun a flea circus

It should also be pointed out that he has a hardon for negroes. His universalist religion makes it impossible for him to be racist. In his YFWC propaganda he used negro pictures as a symbol of America’s past greatness.

Even now his new group welcomes blacks and sufi muslims? Wtf? He’ll gladly turn away Klansmen and Nazis, but open his arms to nonWhite religious people. His first loyalty is to his Jew god, not his race.

The idea that all jews are evil and that there is a jewish conspiracy to destroy the West is utterly false. Apart from it being literally impossible for every single jew to be evil and responsible for the destruction of the west, there is no empirical evidence that a group named ‘jews’ has ever plotted against the west.

Yes, it is clear to me that jews initiated and promulgated many of the institutions that I call ‘cultural marxism;’ but it is also clear to me that jews initiated many of the groundbreaking theorems of 20th century mathematics, computer science, physics, etc..

Naturally, some become right wingers and others become left wingers. It is no different with Jews. The only difference, however, is that a larger proportion of the Jewish population become prominent pundits, agitators, etc.. By occam’s razor, the preponderance of jews who become prominent agitators has exactly the same cause as preponderance of jews who become computer scientists and mathematicians: intelligence.

Surely, the black man, whose lands were invaded by white colonialists, is expected by the likes of you to ascribe his people’s subjugation to his peoples’s low intelligence. Why, then, are white people, such as yourself, unable to do what you expect of the black man: namely, to recognize that another ethnic group — though still very white-looking, has come to dominate you because of their higher intelligence?

You have not even read Pierce’s piece. Neither he nor I believe that “all Jews are evil” or that there’s a “Jewish conspiracy.” I cannot respond to your straw-men.

Moreover, you are completely misunderstanding the nature of the “Jewish problem”. Yes: there are as many anti-white Jews as good Jews in mathematics—but not as many Jews that protect white interests. That kind of animal is almost inexistent.

In other words, you are comparing apples (anti-white Jews) to oranges (Jews good at math).

Like Heimbach I used to be philo-Semitic. But unlike him once I awakened I saw the whole forest at once. See the article where I recount my conversion and pay special attention to my letters in red, “But they are never over-represented in organisations or movements that represent the interests of the ethnic majority, only those that weaken that majority”.

The fact that Jews were supposedly smarter, not absolutely nothing indicates that they could not be bad, especially with the white people.
The Jewish problem is in their nature, unusual, and parasites. In nature, there are numerous examples of parasites but the most interesting of all is the Parasitic Wasp. The parallel between the behavior of this animal and the Jews is really inviting.
Now this Heimbach is a very weird for me. No doubt it can be a Jew in disguise. Your German surname and its dark aspect do not match.

Still on the participation of ordinary Jews. Well, that situation is. If your people are about to become master of the world, by any chance you would do anything to disrupt it?
We know that genetically speaking, the Jews are very pure, very married to each other. Stereotypes are markers of the most important behavioral characteristics of a people, tribe or race. They do not fully explain but are quite enlightening. In my opinion, most Jews know what is happening, but just do not care, after all, in the end who will be favored their children. Therefore, they all have guilt, the Jew who does not have any guilt about it speak now or wait for his unjust condemnation in the future.

For an anglo saxon boy and with a very german surname i would not be surprise.
I’m mixed.
For example, Julia Roberts look alike typical all americans red neck, yeaah, obviously that i know about darker aspect of many pure or predominant white american wasp, after all, more than 30% of english people are more dark than mixed or blond phenotype, but we need distrut of all.

My best friend is friend’s with him and says that his family relatives fought in the SS. He is not a Jew in disguise.

What you, all of you, are not understanding is that Heimbach is not a White Nationalist. He is a Southern Nationalist. He see’s all Southerners as his people. In the South we whites have lived with blacks since the beginning. Do not fall victim to the propaganda of the Puritans. Before Lincoln’s war, we had a very structured and stratified society.
During the war, the able bodied white men went off to fight. Some had black servants, whom they would have grown up with, went to war with them. There were individual blacks, as well as entire black units, in the Confederate Army. And yes, some were combat soldiers. Most of the blacks stayed on the plantations following the orders of the “Ole Miss”. They planted and harvested the crops, worked and ran small shops,worked on the roads, ect, ect,ect.
After the war, the republican carpet baggers along with the scalliwags stirred up the blacks against the southern whites. This brought on the First Era Klan.
From then thru the 1960’s, the South maintained an orderd structured society.with the judeao-socialist inspired uphevils of the 60’s came the end of our last orderd and structured society.
Since then racial awareness, as it is understood in the White Nationalist/Pan European movement has grown.
Some Southern Nationalist are racialist and some are not. Most start off as non racialist and grow into it. This is nolonger the 1860’s or 1960’s. Heimbach will possibly grow into a racialist. As opposed to a race realist.
As far as his Christianity, that is a harder to transition from. Most Christians are Jew worshiping judaeo-christians. A few are not.

Heimbach is explicitly a White Separatist who believes that segregation will always lead to mongrelization. He is indeed a Christian though.

@Mister Deutsch,
I’m not say that he is an infiltrated jews, say that can be, also cannot be.
Well, do not a stupid strategic but the roots of all our problems are the jews. I see clearly the increase of ‘anti semitism’ around the world. This strategic could be used in the case of tsunami about the whole truth delaying to happen or were occasionally mufled but is not the actual reality. The first scenario is most probably to happen.
The better strategy now beyond the white nationalism is a alliance with the other non- ‘goym’ because the jews use the ancient plane of divide and conquer against us and other groups.

Well, Heimbach might have flaws, but he has good intentions.

If you know anything about the political situation in America, there is no need to plant people in the system; the resistance is so lack luster that the powers at be our not concerned enough to do that.

I see that the greatest opposition to the Jewish parasite comes from Islam. I’ve even thought of the possibility of the white convert to Islam as a strategy to attack the enemy. I read in high, somewhere, that American Jews are importing immigrant Hispanics, who tend to be more anti Semites themselves white Americans.
I also see a tendency of division within the political left, mainly because of the Palestinian issue.
I realize, even from far away, people are waking up. It is a somewhat slow process, but if it continues this way, I do not doubt that within two years we have advanced greatly in the wake of both whites and non-whites, potential victims of those freaks of nature.

Yes, people will wake up, but mostly those who are on the margins of power. I’m interested in how we can build our own institutions … ideas are nothing without institutions.

The institutions create the ideas which shape society; ideas do not shape institutions.

The Jews understanding this, we don’t

We have plenty of ideas, no power. Institutions (colleges, media, research institutions, government, big business, military) = power. The idea of democratically convincing anyone, or even a minority of people has never historically occurred.

Every great political movement has had a fundamental ideology coupled with wealthy industrial support, a small band of dedicated warriors, and a skillful PR program to tame the masses.

Yes, i also think like that, but we should to think about psychological-genetic jewish traits. I think, if the jews are very closed geneticaly so probably the majority of them have the same traits and it is absolutely more easy to work in the cultural institutions construction.
I see that within the non-jewish caucasian populations there are great ‘psychological diversity’. In other text i say about the site ”neuropolitics’. Why jews are like that? Cause they are jews.
Why white liberals are like way? Cause they are `white liberals`. Don`t there a logical explaination about some cultural behaviour but specialy a biological explaination. We don`t lost the white liberals, we never had them.
You know about the Golden Dawn party in Greece?
White nationalist in USA should to see with attention for Greece, the cultural war already begun. Now should conquer the streets of your community and win the support of other communities, because it is not only the jewish war against the white race, but also are the jewish war against whole non-jewish races around the world.

I think, my opinion, that the most fail commited by white nationalist and preservationist is no play with the gums of enemy, play the game of them. Jews always to play with the weakness of their enemies, never will be a clear game, they simply don`t can give this luxury.

But, the absolutely more important than all related things,
the fertility rate.
Whites need increase our fertility and the communities need support these future childrens. Dont think two times…

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