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The US in a nutshell

“In degenerated Puritanism lies, side by side with Judaism, America’s inborn danger.”

—Giselher Wirsing,
who had close ties with
officials in the Third Reich

3 replies on “The US in a nutshell”

I said on another website:

“… nothing is worst than being American; no country has produced more repulsive specimens than the Deep South and middle America has. I’ve traveled this country and all I can say is that I am now a believer in Big Foot and the chupacabra because there are far more disgusting entities residing in human bodies throughout this great land.

Europeans are many things; leftist and vulgar, but on the whole they are no where near as ignorant as Americans are.”

Can you elaborate on that? Every time I read Hunter Wallace at OD it seems to me that the people of the South were the good guys. Is he totally wrong? If so could you provide a rationale for your POV?

Generally speaking, Southerners like to claim victim status involving the dispute which led to the Civil War. Perhaps this is true, but this victim mentality is carried off and developed by every conservative, Southern, white male into fantastical opinions about the glorious South that never was.

The Antebellum produced a few good poets and authors; THAT’S IT. H.L. Mencken thought the south was as backward a place intellectually, musically, and artistically as one could find in the entire Western world.

I am willing to grant that the South was treated badly by the North and that the war was unnecessary, however, the history of the South is a tale of horrors; not only for the black slaves who came to the continent, but also for the white working class which was subordinated to the state of cattle for white aristocrats. (The architecture of Charleston, South Carolina is exquisite.)

The South is no exception to Sunic’s Homo Americanus; 18th century Virginia was purchased and built with the cost of human blood for no other reason than economic profit and luxury (fine arts of the South are lacking; this is why the South has always been fascinated with France and imported art from Europe rather than create its own). Categorically, what these revisionists are celebrating is Southern folk culture and their right to roast squirrels for dinner, NOT any high minded ideology that Jefferson Davis developed from reading Plato.

As an outsider WN, you might think hey, these Southerners are like us. I would caution against that assumption.

White Southerners are the white niggers of the West. Stay away.

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