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Ciaran on Hitler


He was a visionary, and a statesman—but no general. Jewish power is based on the slander, and inversion of real history about the events of the Twentieth Century. Hitler and the Nazis are the Trojan Horse, used to colonize the very minds of Western Whites.

Hitler and the Nazis were not evil. You are blaming the victims. How dare you? They made a lot of mistakes—but Hitler was the last White Man that tried to defend his own people.

Every single time any one of you allows a lie to stand—you collude with our murderers. You may want to get rid of Hitler et al—but to allow the slander to stand is simply nothing more than laziness, and cowardice. How dare you?

Telling the truth about the real events of the Twentieth Century does not “keep White Nationalism in a ghetto”—it’s the laziness and timidity and cowardice that does that.

The Worst Generation fought against people who had done them no harm, actively participated in the Civil Rights dismantling of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and did nothing to resist the 1965 Immigration Act, “Women’s Lib”, and the absolute degradation of the culture. The Worst Generation went along with everything, while they wallowed in what’s turning out to be rather short-term affluence.

The worst Generation did immense, civilization-wrecking harm. They set the stage for our genocide. They did wrong—for a host of reasons. And one wrong enabled another.

I’d like to ignore Hitler—but I’m not allowed to. The Jewish Media parades his demonized corpse around 24/7. I challenge any of you to turn on a radio, a TV set, open a magazine, or website, and not have poor old Adolf thrown right in your face. His name is invoked in the weirdest, and most unrelated situations. We will never be free of Hitler until we stop caving to the monstrous and fallacious demonization of Hitler.

This generation should be called out for what they’ve done. They should be ashamed of themselves. The ones that are around can still vote. Their shame should be held up as an example to future generations. The Founding Generation will feel repulsion of the deeds of the Worst Generation.

Adolf Hitler and the soldiers of the Reich did not bring death and destruction. Talmudic Jewry, and their vile Shabbos Goy sell-out whores, did that.

Refusing to accept this alienating and self-obliterating lie is what sets us free.

Flattering the soldiers of World War II as “The Greatest Generation,” is one of Satan’s most beloved and successful tricks—cosseting human vanity. If that generation, and the succeeding generations, get hung up on that meme, that fraud, that con job, then it becomes more and more difficult to assess, with each passing day, the true, real-world legacy of that generation. Why do any of us want to lock ourselves into a mythos, created by our enemies, that leads directly to our dispossession and genocide, simply to flatter old men?

When I challenge these oldsters—and every last one of them is a Christian—I tell them:

“I know it’s terrible to have to accept the fact that the ‘biggest’ event of your life was a terrible, horrible mistake. But you are going to have to deal with this when you face God—so get used to the idea now. Think about how you will account for this…”

25 Replies on “Ciaran on Hitler

  1. The slogan got started (or at least popularized) by the 4chan prank:

    “Hitler did nothing wrong.”

    It really is the battle cry, the key the whole thing.

      1. He did another thing wrong. If someone steals your car and gives it a new paint job, does it become his car? Of course not. How many Jewish women have European mtDNA?
        Nazi-era propaganda against Rassenschande always depicted a MALE Jewish sexual predator. Did the Jewish curse run along the father? The Ustashe did think so.

      2. Actually, Germany only attacked the Soviet Union to preempt the impending Soviet attack.

        I first learned of this truth back in 2000 when I came across the article “Exposing Stalin’s Plan to Conquer Europe” at the Institute For Historical Review (at http://ihr.org/jhr/v17/v17n4p30_Michaels.html).

        Also, the last book I bought on this subject is “The Chief Culprit: Stalin’s Grand Design to Start World War II” available at Amazon in different formats including paperback and Kindle.

        Also, the German leader himself released a detailed statement on June 22, 1941, the date of the German attack against the Soviet Union, giving the reasons for the German attack, including the huge buildup of Soviet invasion forces poised for an invasion of Germany: see “Reichfuehrer Adolf Hitler’s Proclamation on War with Soviet Union” (at http://www.ibiblio.org/pha/policy/1941/410622a.html).

  2. “I know it’s terrible to have to accept the fact that the ‘biggest’ event of your life was a terrible, horrible mistake. But you are going to have to deal with this when you face God—so get used to the idea now. Think about how you will account for this…”

    1. Why would the Soldiers be held accountable. That’s ridiculous. They were attacked by the ‘Axis’ and enlisted. As a Grandson of two men who fought for the Axis powers, I wouldn’t be guilt tripping US soldiers (even if they were the ‘wrong’ side).

    2. Most people don’t think they will have to account for their actions in this life. That’s one of the key reasons we are in this mess as it is.

    1. Ciaran is referring to the worst generation that even decades after the war still fancy themselves as the greatest generation. Nobody is blaming the brainwashed young soldiers, but the self-righteous who never, ever wanted to look back and see they committed the greatest crime in western history.

      1. Germans and Whites in general are still being held accountable. The Founders of America expected every Citizen to be responsible and accountable. Jefferson also admonished Americans to STAY OUT of foriegn entanglements. The soldiers of WWII should have followed Jefferson’s advice.

  3. ” Why would the Soldiers be held accountable?”

    -German soldiers were certainly held accountable after the defeat of Germany.- and hanged for it. Why shouldn’t Allied soldiers be held similarly accountable? As a son of a man who fought for Allied powers during that war I surely would “guilt tip” that generation of Whites for agreeing to slaughter their own racial kin for Jews. Their only saving grace lies in the fact that a poll taken of the US Army after the war asking whether the Nazis should be brought to trial for their “crimes” resulted in a resounding “NO” (a fact that very few are aware of today)- and the Jews went ahead and had them hanged anyway.

    “They were attacked by the ‘Axis’ and enlisted.”

    – No, the US was in no way attacked by the Axis, Britain and France declared war on Germany and that started the war. Britain did everything in its power to bring the US into the war, knowing full well that it could not defeat Germany without US help.As to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor- that was an act of desperation resulting from the US placing an embargo on Japan eliminating its supplies of oil and other much needed raw materials.

    Regarding this article, Ciaran is spot-on in his assessment of the so-called “Greatest Generation”. If anything, they were the greatest generation of fools; trading about 50 years of prosperity for the futures of their children and their descendants, fighting yet another war against their racial kin for a species (Jews are not human in my view- they are a separate species and view us in the same way) that hate us with a malice that spans thousands of years. The Jew uses goyim to fight in Jewish interests and to fight one another whenever possible, rather than risk the life of one Jew.

    Through their dominant position in the field of “education” (actually indoctrination) and their main tool – the mass media – Jews have twisted fact, introduced lies and managed to make Hitler and Naziism the ultimate evil in the eyes of “everyman” – and therefore an untouchable subject. Saying anything in the defense of either is a career killer, resulting in the loss of livelihood for the author (thanks to Jewish power) and hence even WN’s want to veer away from its “negative implications”. But if you are White, have a pro-White agenda and want to further White interests then you cannot escape the issue because it WILL be brought up and you WILL be labelled with its cousin – term “White supremacist”, and probably labelled a “Nazi” as well. No, Ciaran is correct “Every single time any one of you allows a lie to stand—you collude with our murderers” and the lies need to be addressed, not timidly avoided for the sake of evading a negative label.

    Ciaran’s article is excellent, and for me the most salient paragraph is this:

    The Worst Generation fought against people who had done them no harm, actively participated in the Civil Rights dismantling of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and did nothing to resist the 1965 Immigration Act, “Women’s Lib”, and the absolute degradation of the culture. The Worst Generation went along with everything, while they wallowed in what’s turning out to be rather short-term affluence.

    Worst generation indeed! That generation led the way to introducing lawlessness and black on White crime (although they conveniently did not have to deal with it), and paved the way for the coming American (and European ) Holodomor, and White genocide.

    1. Absolutely. MindWeapons blog also hit the nail today; I quote:

      It is indeed April 20, and a few words about Adolf Hitler are in order.

      We are living the punishment, for fighting on the wrong side of World War II.

      Isn’t it so typical, that if you do some “good” thing for a bad person, the bad person punishes you for it?

      That’s how I view US entry into World War II and murdering Germany. Diversity and non-white immigration and White Genocide is our punishment for doing the Jews’ bidding, and that punishment is inflicted not by Hitler, but by Jews.

      Peter Brimelow coined the term, “Hitler’s Revenge,” but I don’t think Hitler wants to punish us to the 7th generation. It’s Hitler’s enemies, whom we fought on behalf of, who are punishing us.

    2. Yes I agree with all that and know it. I’m speaking though on more ancient Aryan understanding that Victory is providence and if one loses, then it’s up to them to accept it and understand that your preparations/tactics weren’t good enough (the Gods were against you).

      Do you actually expect the ‘Greatest Generation’ to suddenly feel guilty? Forget it and just win the next war.

      The fact that the USA and UK were coerced to fight for ‘Jews’ is a failure on Hitler’s part to understand the information/propaganda war… That and not targeting the ‘international banker/jews’ seem like fatal mistakes that should be avoided next time.

    3. “Their only saving grace lies in the fact that a poll taken of the US Army after the war asking whether the Nazis should be brought to trial for their “crimes” resulted in a resounding ‘NO’ (a fact that very few are aware of today)- and the Jews went ahead and had them hanged anyway.”

      Any links for this poll? It’s quite heartening.

      1. I wish I could give you one, but I can’t. Some things (like Operation Paperclip), eventually become public knowledge, and others, like proof about this poll, never will be. I got this information from my own father, a WW2 US Army veteran who died more than 30 years ago. If you can find a WW2 vet who was actually in Europe after hostilities ceased, and provided his mind is still intact, he might remember this fact. But most of these men are dead and gone or at life’s end. The youngest of these men, if still alive, would be about 86 years old at this point. My own father, if he were still alive would be 100 years old as of July 2014. It is not surprising that his poll is largely unknown, a great deal of information is routinely withheld from the public and has been in the past. For example; J. Edgar Hoover denied the existence of the mafia for much of his 52 year career running the FBI.

  4. Well said George.

    Every November 11th when I watch the commemorations at the Cenotaph in London I cannot help but sneer at the grey-haired fools strutting in their berets with their medals. Even after all this time most of them still can’t and won’t see that the war against Germany was a suicidal act of folly and evil. The result is that many of them are now shoved off the footpaths in their own towns and cities by arrogant niggers and wogs who show little appreciation or gratitude for their stupid sacrifices and their ‘struggle to make the world safe for democracy’.

    Their grandaughters present them with half-breeds and the empire they supposedly fought for is long gone, yet they still beat their chests about their great victory over the ‘hun’. I think the part played by the British was the most shameful of all. They facilitated the entry of the psychopath Roosevelt to the war so that he could save his fellow monster Stalin and they used England as a base from which to turn the ancient cities of Germany into burning slag. I consider Churchill one of the most vile life-forms to ever waste oxygen on the surface of this planet.

    It says much about the British that a significant percentage of them still consider this vermin one of the greatest ‘Englishmen’ ever. The British and Americans should hang their heads in shame for the frightful crimes they committed against Germany and Europe and their responsibility for the death of millions of the best of the white race and for the terrible plight in which we now find ourselves.

    Hitler was a giant for our civilisation in comparison to the warped pygmies who destroyed him and tore the heart out of our world at the behest of demonic creatures who labour tirelessly to destroy us.

    1. I loathe Fat Drunken Winnie as well. He HATED Germans, for reasons I cannot fathom. FDR was a Jew, and knew it. He knew it. Dragging Americans into killing his racial prey was an obvious thing to do. I’ve heard that Jennie Jerome was a Jew, or a Huegonot. If she was a Jew, then Churchill was as well. If not – he’s a loathesome Race Traitor.

      Adolf Hitler was a good and principled man. The Last Hero.

  5. Ah, April 20th is almost done for another year. I find these hallucinatory birthday wishes coming out of Murka to be not only embarrassing. Worse, I find them to be offensive.

  6. In fact, the Allies did not war with Germany in aid of the Jews. The British opposed the Haavara Agreement between the Nazis and the Zionists, a migration of Jews to Palestine from Germany, because of the Arab uprising in 1936. The Evian Conference made it evidently clear that the Allies had no desire to embrace mass Jewish migration despite Hitler’s promise “to put all these criminals [Jews] at the disposal of these countries, for all I care, even on luxury ships”. Even 900 Jews on a refugee ship sailing from Germany were not accepted by the US, Canada nor the UK, despite the pressure brought to bear by Jewish interests in these countries. The Saar Offensive was a pitiful display of cowardice and treachery, by Britain and France, after the invasion of Poland. Despite the repeated requests to bomb the railways into Auschwitz by the World Jewish Congress, a target well within reach of the 15th USAAF, the request was repeatedly denied.

    And yet today, despite the bounty of evidence to the contrary, the myth that the “greatest” generation fought at the behest of the Jews persists. Ignorance is bliss.

  7. Wow, I just started reading this site more in-depth. This blog is a gem.

    Could the author write more about the narcissism of the Baby Boomers and The Greatest Generation?

    These people celebrated the destruction of Western Civilization.

    1. Thank you!

      I am not an American but yes: the white baby boomers here down the south are similar to their northern counterparts: they’re the worst generation.

      1. I have to say that, considering that you seem to be running this whole enterprise yourself, I think this is the best and most interesting WN/Traditionalist website I have ever come across (including CC and Alt Right).

        It’s very clear that this site isn’t about YOU, its about the objective situation … which is refreshing considering the mega-ego that many WNs like Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer have (not that I dislike either man).

        I encourage you to continue and hope the popularity of this site booms (if it doesn’t boom, may be that’s because the quality is too far above the white college-educated masses).

      2. Thank again for your kind words.

        My purpose here is not using original material on every single post but to collect the most didactic texts I can find on the internet or written sources.

        WDH’s sidebar links are a sort of course for the newbies on this most important of all subjects, the survival of the Aryan race: a taboo subject for the media.

        It might surprise you that I’m relatively new to white nationalism, which discovered only by the middle on 2009 when I didn’t even bother to look for a job in a bankrupted Spanish island. Instead, I had to struggle on the internet to warp my head on the different POVs, blogs and boards (including the counter-jihad sites).

        Presently, the sidebars of WDH might serve the newbie as a step-by-step process to leave Plato’s cave and see the light. I wish I had taken a similar “course” when I lived in the island. In this step-by-step class, when the casual reader reaches the pro National Socialist links (see the swastika flag at the bottom) hopefully he would not be shocked.

        And yes: I wish my readership will increase with time.

        I am glad that other people besides me are also experiencing intellectual voyages.


  8. Hello Chechar,

    I have no idea how I ended up here, but I have spent the last day or so reading different articles on your blog. It is now bookmarked and I will be spending a good deal of time here, of that I’m sure.

    Since this post is dealing with Adolph Hitler, I will mention that I have recently found myself drawn to Mein Kampf, at first by a curiosity of the man, and the words that have seemed to stir so much emotion for the last 90 years. But after a short period of time, I was drawn to it for entirely different reasons.

    Personally, I have never experienced anything quite like it. I find myself gasping out loud after certain passages, or exclaiming “oh my God” when Hitler talks about conditions that could easily be describing contemporary events. I find it stirring something inside of me, calling on me to stand tall and embrace the light.

    Mein Kampf is by far the most spiritual work I have ever read, in that it is awakening something deep inside the very fiber of my being. I have never been a religious person, but to deny a creator and have a nihilistic outlook on life has always been incomprehensible to me.

    For anyone who hasn’t taken the time to read this work, or to listen to it on audio book… what are you waiting for? I have the Manheim translation in print, and the Ford translation on audio book. I will be ordering the Ford printed copy in short order. The answers for our people are all in this book, and I completely understand why our enemies expend so much energy trying to discredit the man and his world view.

    Well, that’s enough from me 🙂

    Thanks again for the fantastic resources.

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    Zionist Jews create Zionist privilege for Multicultural Jews. Multicultural Jews create Multicultural privilege for Zionist Jews. Adolph Hitler was both too moderate and too extreme. Some powerful rabbis and people’s commissars did not deserve death, but worse. Gouge out their eyes, and use the empty sockets to perform transorbital lobotomy. Their ideology forbids euthanasia. On the other hand, women like Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis should be allowed to reproduce. Think of it.