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Eschatological entries

1.- Apocalypse for the Germans

2.- Get ready for Armageddon

3.- Germany: Be warned!

4 replies on “Eschatological entries”

And speak about hatred of Germans, the teutonic spirit, and Germany, check out the pithy comment section at the homepage of the http://www.WayneMadsenReport.com, and shudder about his gloating over the bombed-to-shit (his words) of Berlin, with photographs of same, and wanting to do this again to Berlin and Frankfort, and request to crush the Teutonic spirit every twenty years, and such. Pathological indeed, but could also be attributed to his marxist and perhaps jewish spirit.

Off topic: I’ve just left a message for you in your email box, Chechar.

I found an old NS pamphlet for the Hitler Youth last night by Helmut Stellrecht called Faith and Action. Perhaps you might consider giving it a short read (very easy reading) and posting some excerpts like you have with Covington’s work. Its really is a remarkable read. Nothing like it. We should do better to read some of the older primary sources for insight into starting our own movement.


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