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Germany: be warned!

Denise, one of the commenters at Occidental Dissent today, addressing another commenter said:

Dammler: Jews created World War II. They created that mess. Hitler tried to prevent Jews doing to Germany what they did to Russia. Screw off. The problem with Adolf and the National Socialists is that they were too liberal. When one pulls up the rock on the real history of the kikenvermin one marvels at the fact that they weren’t all hunted down and killed off completely.

My sister and I were discussing this error of judgment at Easter Dinner. I’ve concluded that Jews escaped their well-deserved fate because we did not possess mass communications before. The Juden Tuefel would go to one place—wreck that, get the boot, then go somewhere else. The new Host knew nothing about what happened in “the last place.” The whole effing world is pretty much on to the Hebes, now. America is the Last Bastion of Cluelessness—but that miasma is rapidly dwindling. As the economy implodes, due the systematic, eternal malevolent machination of the Spawn of Satan, I see more and more folks wising up. When the USA is Cypressed hell will breaketh loose, and the Spawn of Satan will be sent back to their Daddy in Hell. Expulsion #110 will be global, and final—and they’ve brought it all on themselves.

Can’t wait. I’m stocking up on lots of popcorn.

Ditto: sooner or later the USA will get Cypressed. Those who have been following the entries of this blog under the category “currency crash” know that there is no question that the dollar will collapse and probably hyperinflate.

Germany: pay attention please!

Most of the thousands of tonnes of your gold in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, located beside the gold that belongs to other countries, should be instead in Frankfurt or Berlin.

RickardsThe economist James Rickards has been predicting for some time that, after the dollar hyperinflates, the thousands of tonnes of gold in New York will be confiscated from the Europeans, Japanese and the IMF by the US government: a nation that already is the main perpetrator of the crime of the century when we were born.

If the dollar crashes under the watch of Ben Bernanke, and some Austrian economists are predicting that it will crash under this Obama administration, the US government will probably combine all of its gold with the confiscated gold of the nations that naively deposited it overseas and have 17,000 tonnes or upwards of 20,000 tonnes: 70 percent of all the official gold in the world.

Federal-Reserve-Bank-of-New-YorkThat would be enough to “reboot” the crashed economic system after the dollar hyperinflates! To boot, with that amount of gold the nation that led the crime of the century will be able to continue to dictate the international monetary system along with still more Americanism: exactly the sort of Yankee Americanism that has been leading the white race to extinction throughout the western world!

I would recommend Germany and other countries to withdraw all of your gold reservoirs from Yankeedom, exactly what Hugo Chávez did before he died.

Take heed, you have been warned…

Ex Gladio Libertas!
68 Anno Hitleris

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Chechar, not only could the US gov’t confiscate the foreign owned gold that is held here, but it could and it has in the past confiscated privately held gold from the citizenry! This was done in 1933 by Franklin Roosevelt with the excuse that “hoarding” of gold was stalling the growth of the economy. All citizens of the US were ordered to turn in their gold :

“Executive Order 6102 required all persons to deliver on or before May 1, 1933, all but a small amount of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates owned by them to the Federal Reserve, in exchange for $20.67 (equivalent to $366.59 today[3]) per troy ounce…” Following this, the Federal Reserve raised the price of gold to $35.00 an ounce!
Violation of this “executive order” could result in 10 years imprisonment.

I see that there is speculation on the net that Obama (who is something of a fan of Roosevelt’s policies) might consider following in Roosevelt’s footsteps in this regard. The implications are amusing (in a “black humor”-pun intended- sort of way); for years now people here in the US have been buying gold and silver with the expectation that it will be insurance for them “when the balloon goes up” as the colloquial expression goes. However, when it becomes a crime to even possess gold much less use it for currency, what happens to that safety net then?

With regard to Denise’s comment; she is probably spot-on. Obama’s spending is out of control. He has to deliver the white man’s wealth to his constituents through such vehicles as EBT cards and federal grants for new home buyer loans (to people who clearly do not qualify for a regular bank loan) as well as satisfy the petroleum corporation’s thirst for Arab oil (Bush and his cronies are large shareholders in these companies) and provide “safety” for Israel, of course. All this along with the outsourcing of our industry to 3rd world nations as well as importing 3rd worlders to do work here at 1/3 the cost of its citizens, has all but destroyed the tax base and the country’s economy.

Yes, confiscation of that foreign owned gold is a possibility, but one wonders what rationale Obama will use to justify this to the rightful owners of that gold.

I guess with the same rationale that Roosevelt sided Stalin against Hitler to “make the world safe for democracy,” especially when southern states like Texas will be mad against the Yankees and want to secede.

Thanks for your kind citation. WN women are mean. The gals I deal with – all we want is to see Die Juden get what they’ve been begging for for centuries. Seriously – we want to SEE it.

By the way – That Irmin Vinson book is tops. It’s one of the few books that does not ever ever ever leave my nightstand. When we rule – we will build university courses around this tome.

You have a wonderful site. Bless you!

“68 Anno Nostri Hitlerum”

I’m stealing that….

It’s ironic that Hitler is called a warmonger, sadist, psychopath and all the other slanders that the jews and their minions use against the man. Hitler’s problem was that he was a man of peace and generousity. He tried to play by the rules when dealing with Germany’s enemies. Had he really been as ruthless as he is accused of being then he would have exterminated the parasites in Europe and sent out hit teams all around the world to kill the vermin in their various lairs. The world would have been a far better place. We certainly wouldn’t have had to deal with millions of ‘survivors’ bewailing their supposed horrible treatment and demanding endless compensation or that monstrous gangster state in occupied Palestine.

I’ve questioned before why Hitler didn’t send out hit teams around the world and I’m afraid the answers have been troubling. Either, He was too nice or he didn’t think of it. I’m not saying he was an agent or anything but it reinforces my opinion that ‘Germanic mindset’ is not devious enough (like the serpent) to deal with Jewry.

The divide between Germany/Prussian and Anglo-Venetian worlds is the root cause


Germany will never see that gold again

that gold is in the hands of the jews. that gold will leave their hands when they are all dead. After Raganork. they will perish together with their gold and their filthy lust

Así será César.

También te recomiendo estas lecturas de Fekete en lo que al oro se refiere. Escritas hace ya bastante tiempo.

(link), (link)

Too bad Antal Fekete might be a jewish guy…but his explanation of gold and the coming collapse is among the best out there..

Great blog. Not many guys talk so openly of the necessity of the complete anihilation of our enemies.


Yes: dissident Jews are good at explaining why the dollar will collapse. I for one am a huge fan of Peter Schiff. Incidentally, you are from Spain, aren’t you?

Yes I am from Spain. Canarian to be more precise.

I am a fan of Peter as well but used to be more 5 years ago.

Now I rather follow Marc Faber, Mish Sheldock, Zero Hedge and Antal Fekete articles. I find Antal´s the most counterintuitive and the best to explain the coming debacle. While the rest talk about inflation he talks more about hiperdeflation and the last contango, that is to come, in the gold futures markets.

you are right and the idea of egalitarianism is key. Christianism, and communism are the way to pave the coming of the jewish mesias: The total State (the demiurge).

Aryan man should be totally aware of that and know that he has to go beyond nationalsocialism and fascism. NS will be neccesary to break the jews grip by war but in the end it will have to go away coz Aryan man, being at the top of the biological pyramid will perform the best in the absence of State. No handouts, not even between aryan man. As long as there is State and egalitarian handouts, even between Aryans, the system will not work. that is the tragic fate of aryan men. That fate is to be present till the final phase of the Ragnarok.

Just curious: when do these economists you mention think that the crash will come: One year?, five?, ten?, more than that?

I lived about a year in Gran Canaria by the way and could not find people who thought along my lines…

Amazingly Germany is actually (planning to) repatriating some of her gold reserves, and has done some repatriation in the last years already from the UK (1000 tons). The main problem is apparently the gold stored in the USA. The plan is to get out 350 of 1500 tons (roughly, numbers from memory) over the course of 7 years. There is plenty of speculation as to why the slow pace, but there are some indications that the gold supposedly held in custody has actually been used up (likely together with other gold stocks as well) in the defense of the Dollar. The missing gold would thus have to be slowly obtained over the years, hopefully without disrupting the tight markets. Hence it is unlikely that the USA gets a fresh start with 17000 tons. They will have considerably less, if any at all.

From one to ten years…

I live in Tenerife and it is the same as Gran Canaria and for the most part, Spain. Everybody here is now believer in the jewish messiah -The State- Does not matter if they are conservatives, socialistas, nationalists…they all adore The State and Social Security. Everybody is egalitarian. I have to be very careful when I talk to people here.

I am afraid, I think that when the spanish economy completeley collapses people will embrace hard collectivism leaning towards the communist side because of “Franco was very bad” (that is what children have been taught at school since 1978). After that and all the calamities that will come, some people will just start to wake up and think…

It’s too sad what happened to Spain. But yes: we will have a chance after the collapse. What infuriated me the most in Gran Canaria was that people struggled with unemployment and only in private a maid told me that she didn’t like those Moor immigrants that were invading her island. Only in private… Where are the men?

A biblical punishment for this cowardice and animal conformity is in order not only in Spain but throughout the whole West. Have you read my “eschatological posts” linked at the top?

I have read most of what you have here. I quite like it. I like you miss people like Pierce and his way of thinking. A great majority of WN I have read are rather soft.

Keep the good work amigo

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