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Goodrich interview

Listen to it here, at Counter-Currents Radio.

Matt Parrott’s intervention later in the interview picked my attention. He said that American “propaganda against the Germans metastasized into our collective national religion” of Holocaustianity.

I’d go a little farther: throughout the West, World War 2 propaganda metastasized into the cultural climate that has been killing us.

That’s why the 2010 book Hellstorm, the subject of the Counter-Currents interview of its author, Tom Goodrich, is the #1 book of my list of must reads. I am increasingly convinced that, if we don’t break the official narrative of World War 2, including the collective religion of Holocaustianity in the sense that Jewish suffering was “unique,” overwhelmed with guilt the white race will go extinct.

Parrott also told Tom Goodrich that “rather than trying to deconstruct” the historicity of the harsh treatment of Jews by the Germans during that war, the best way to challenge Holocaustianity “is to show what you are showing here in Hellstorm—that no: we were not the supreme moral actors; we were also mass rapists,” including the Jews who tortured the German POWs.

More than rapists I would say! It’s worse to perpetrate atrocities after 1945, as done by the Allied forces, than those attributed to the Germans during the heat of war.

To wrap your head on this you really got to obtain a copy and read it together with what Tomislav Sunić says about Judaized, self-righteous Americans of Calvinist extraction.

I do believe that Hellstorm, a true Holocaust committed on the German people (no hyperbole—just read the book), is the most powerful weapon to undermine the current Zeitgeist. It is a pity that, because I must prepare for the crash of the dollar, I have been unable to film those high-quality films for YouTube I promised elsewhere exposing the Crime of the Century in audiovisual form.

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