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William Pierce

American Dissident Voices


William L. Pierce
American Dissident Voices
Ed. Shane Webster
Melbourne, Australia: Politically Incorrect Press, 2011

This is a 1,666 page PDF file containing 290 transcribed American Dissident Voices (ADV) radio broadcasts—essentially spoken essays—by William L. Pierce (1933–2002), beginning with his seminal speech “Our Cause,” recorded in 1976, and ending with “Mossad and the Jewish Problem” (June 29, 2002). Its virtue is that it conveniently collects 290 essays into a single file. Previously, it was only possible to access these works piecemeal.


Read the entire, 1,700-word article by Andrew Hamilton: here. Unfortunately, Hamilton fails to say if the PDF is also available in book form, the whole point of using a book cover like the above, right?

6 replies on “American Dissident Voices”

The author mentions that he downloaded this 1666 page PDF but does not bother to provide a link to it. It would be a fairly simple matter to upload it to a server for download to potential readers, but as you mentioned, Hamilton failed to mention if that PDF is available as a book. It most likely is not (I searched) and his article reads like a teaser- there is most likely plans to publish it in book form since, after all there is no money to be made in free downloads of PDFs (although an alternative would be to charge a fee for download). I would rather have books in PDF form since they take up no physical space. And by the way, Counter Currents (Gregg Johnson’s site) has always struck me as geared toward selling books for profit, in other words, a business venture that feeds on the misery and (valid) fears of Whites rather than having as their goal organizing Whites for resistance. Harold Covington has pointed out this “shortcoming” of WN organizations in the past- and he is hated by those same organizations for that very reason.

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