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Kevin MacDonald Podcasts Tom Sunic

Kevin discusses Christianity with Tom

At the moment of writing this the action from the 2013 Oscars ceremony is being held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood: one of the three Murka places that I will enjoy seeing in flames after the dollar crashes. But why did the Americans surrender their most influencing media to the subversive tribe?

Listen a fascinating interview of Kevin MacDonald by Tom Sunic, the heavyweights of our movement at both sides of the Atlantic. My favorite phrases start in minute 35:35:

“…Hollywood, the whole colonization of our mentality largely stands not from the Jews themselves but from those Paleo Jews who happen to be Christian Zionists, and we are talking of millions of people, some of them quite wealthy… So instead of just arguing that it’s the Jews who actually did this or that why not just reverse the argument?… Christianity being responsible [emphasis in Sunic’s voice] for this state of neurotic mentality. I know that it is a tough topic and that I would need ten hours to discuss it with you.”

My next entry will include an audio of Sunic’s worldview.

4 replies on “Kevin discusses Christianity with Tom”

Re “the heavyweights of our movement at both sides of the Atlantic.”

You mean the reactionary, reformist, conservative, Republican, imperialist, exceptionalist, Murka-centric movement to restore a White Murka…something that it has never been?

Re “both sides of the Atlantic”

Murkans will simply never comprehend the degree to which they are held in contempt by Euros.

IMO, what “New Rightists” don’t get is that they are still operating within a Marxian (NOT “Marxist”) cosmology. Prior to Marx, there was no political Right and Left.

Re “positive side of Germany”

Oh, you mean the meetings of The Empire Club…er, New Rightists?

I am ignorant of the European New Right. Have some of them written chapters on the positive role of the NS movement to combat Jewry (as in Kevin’s second trilogy book), or went to Dresden this month despite the thousands of antifas (as Tom did)?

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