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End of the world as we know it

“One morning we will wake up and find that we are in a very different world.”

So starts this documentary trailer that originally I embedded on January 2, 2012 but got zero comments then:

I am concerned that many white nationalists will be trapped in big cities, some of which will become killing zones, when it hits the fan.

See the must-read article “After the Dollar Crashes.” I wish we all were well prepared…

19 replies on “End of the world as we know it”

Not only WN but most Whites have left the big American cities, Chicago and NYC are the ZOG/NWO/BRA endgame: Jews ruling and non-Whites as their serfs.

In Europe it is similar: the non-whites are concentrated in the cities. In France especially, farming is still completely in the hands of the whites (and there it is very much still small family farms, not the giant agribusiness common in the USA).

I think most of your target audience knows, anyway. In fact from what I have seen people are more likely to come to survivalism / prepping first – it is easier to accept than turning one’s self into a racist.

This is the sort of thinking and preparation needed, anyway, not running off to hide in the hills (link).

(Note that Rawles, the survivalblog owner [but not the author of that article], is an explicitly rabidly anti-racist and Christian, stating that he’d prefer non-white Christian neighbors to white non-Christians. However he is also advocating people move to the Northwest much the same way Covington does, and the people likely to respond to his call will be predominantly white – but he doesn’t allow himself to perceive the contradiction between his ideology and reality.)

Arabs and Chinese have trillions of dollars. They won’t let the dollar collapse before they have converted the dollars into hard currency, like their own.
I guess in a survivalist scenario, race-blind Conservatives and Dual Seedline Christian Identity types could be severe competition for the readers of this blog.

It’s the other way around. When in panic the world starts to get rid of the increasingly devaluating dollars, the Arabs and the Chinese will start selling their own.

Chechar: Perhaps there is another plan. The Chinese are not crude, but rather subtle, and they make their wishes known accordingly. What the Chinese desire is the ability to trade their dollars for hard American assets, both exportable (electronics) and US real-estate along with purchasing American companies. That is their end-game–or rather our end.

Please refer to the following response by Xi Jinping to a Washington Post interrogatory, 2/12/2012:

“We will continue to press ahead with the reform of the RMB [renminbi] exchange rate formation mechanism and offer foreign investors a fair, rule-based and transparent investment environment. At the same time, we hope the United States will take substantive steps as soon as possible to ease restrictions on high-tech exports to China and provide a level playing field for Chinese enterprises to invest in the United States.”

To oogenhand: the yuan is not a “hard” currency, but rather a fiat note. It has been pegged to the dollar, but lately allowed to float to a degree. In fact, this peg has created quite a bit of inflation on the mainland.

There has been hyperinflation many times, in many countries, over the last hundred years, but never yet in the English-speaking world. It’s an experience that the vast majority of the population have no concept of and will have no idea how to deal with it when it occurs. Only a very few are prepared and will be able to ride out the disaster in reasonable comfort. For the rest it will be a living nightmare. The idea that the paper and plastic in one’s wallet or purse could become worthless is alien. What will happen when food and fuel cannot be purchased and all savings become worthless? Hyperinflation can occur with terrifying speed. An item which cost one unit of currency in January might cost five million units in December, and five trillion a couple of months later. Even if you have the five trillion no one will want to accept it. It is in this environment that those with real purchasing power (holders of gold and asset based currencies) will buy up as many assets as they want for a fraction of their real value. It’s what the jews did in Germany in the 1920s while real Germans starved. They intend to do it again all over the white world now.

If hyperinflation happens in the USA, it will lead directly and unavoidably to the total collapse of society and of all the government’s power. If the people in government have any sense of self-preservation at all, they will opt for the “not hyperinflation” policy, which of necessity will result in massive deflation.

Due to the fact that the dollar is not actually a fiat currency, but a debt-backed currency – it is backed by the sale of Treasury bills, which are United States federal debt; backed by “the full faith and credit of the United States” – attempting to print lots more immediately devalues all existing US debt currently being held. A 500% hyperinflation means all the debt that all the foreign countries currently hold gets devalued by the same factor. Robbery on a global scale. The least that can be expected in response is an embargo of selling or shipping anything to the USA – if the military power differential was not so great, one might also expect violent warfare, but it’s not clear to me that China thinks it can win anything worthwhile through such a course. In any case, the trade war would be sufficient to instantly put about 100 million people in a position where they can not feed their kids or themselves for the coming week, and no conceivable use of the police or military could keep the lid on the resulting upheaval.

The alternative is to try, however badly, to keep along the same course as present. The problem is interest rates on the debt: as soon as these go back up to historical norms, instead of the near-zero they have been at, the government is unable to cover the debt AND its other obligations – a 50% or so reduction in US government spending will be unavoidable. (Attempting to print more dollars to cover the spending – ie, issue more debt and have the Federal Reserve “buy” it all – simply takes us back to the preceding paragraph.) This means that Medicare and Social Security and military spending all get slashed, and welfare payments probably go to zero. This also means a massive withdrawal of debt from the monetary system, and consequent INCREASE in the value of each individual dollar – becuse far fewer people will actually have dollars in cash, instead of credit. Going that route, the US government has a chance to survive, but the inner cities lose all control anyway.

Peak oil is phantasy (at least not in our lifetimes, if limited oil existed) and the dollar won’t crash either. The jews know that chaos and catastrophy is our way out, so they willl just print more monopoly money, this system can go on for and on and on and on for ever. The goal is not the to reimburse the debt, but to harvest interest and that is what they are doing and what we seem to be able to keep up with.
When one country fails Greece,, another will go work harder, Germany.
Like I said, our survival is chaos, where we will be able to swurvive as being the fittest and the smartest, the jew won’t let it happen, he will race mix us to death before. Hope you get it one day. All other theories are phantasy.
In our society it is not even possible to starve to death. Remember the US and Germany were starved artificially in 1929. Countries like France and Holland had nothing special going on. We have too much energy and food flowing and false money to have a situation occuring as you describe. But better prepare fort he worst like you do. Move to baskenland in Spain with your background, it is still very white and very germanic industrial, very unlike the rest of mongrel spain.

Chechar, the main reason I don’t see the kind of currency-collapse you see coming soon for the US dollar, is because the USA has complete control over its own currency, and the US dollar is backed by something even more powerful than gold: the US military.

The US dollar is still a reserve currency: most commodities on world markets are priced in US dollars. Most of the world’s oil is still priced in US dollars.

Iraq – in its last year or two of life before the US in 2003 invaded and destroyed it – priced its oil in Euros, and many at the time thought that was a major reason for that invasion.

The US money-supply is tightly controlled by the Federal Reserve, and the US Federal Government has a very limited and indirect control over whatever the current policy of the Federal Reserve is. The current policy includes low interest rates and low inflation.

The growing US Federal debt, if it ever does become too burdensome, will probably provoke the Federal Reserve to increase the inflation rate to at least the more historically typical inflation rate of roughly 5% per year.

One thing that will continue to work in the US economy’s favor both currently and over the next few decades is the ongoing increase in domestic oil and natural-gas production, mostly from “fracking”, and this will lower the cost of energy.

The one big negative against the US economy – and against the US dollar over the very long term of decades – is that you can’t have a first-world economy with third-world people.

Thus, the US economy is gradually declining and will continue to gradually decline as we (European Americans) are race-replaced by our Jew-led government and media, and by Christians and their churches.

I doubt it.

❦ The US government bubble is bigger than the housing bubble. It is bigger than the stock market bubble and it’s going to burst


The above video also explains that:

❦ Americans are at the epicenter of massive global imbalances

❦ The only reason this phony economy works is because Americans can (momentarily) borrow money to sustain it

Even if the system is undestroyable by man, nature would put a stop on it, never in histroy there have been so many people on earth regardless of race, there are seven billion people and the stress that we cause over the environment is catastrophic, water will come in short suply just like food, it’s just not oil and gas… We drive to extiction many species daily and this ecological damage is not sustaible, go to live in a rural area, grow your own food, and learn how to live in balance with nature, in that way yo will become more human than ever, non white races grew in such numbers due to white technology, they abused it but whites didn’t.

To they guy that said jews will not trigger this… Just think about all the bombed cities during world war 2, the many german women raped along with their children, the nuclear bombs over japan… Those sadistic monsters will not think it twice before press the button of “collapse”

Chechar, the one giving the talk in that video, Peter Schiff, is a well-known gloom-and-doom market analyst. I’ve seen him as a guest three times in the last four or five months on the various stock-market TV shows I watch during the week.

There are always at least a few active gloom-and-doom market analysts out there making a living by playing that role. The total investment market is so large and varied in terms of the underlying assets – including but not limited to US stocks & bonds, foreign stocks & bonds, real estate & real estate investment trusts, and commodities including gold – that there is always at least some investments out there that will gain in declining markets, and those who hold such investments are potential customers for the various gloom-and-doom market analysts out there and the books, booklets, and newsletters (typically monthly) that they sell.

When I last heard Peter Schiff on TV, it was early this year and he was predicting gold would be above $2,000 an ounce before the end of 2013, and I see according to his Wikipedia entry that Peter Schiff is in the gold-selling market himself as “CEO of Euro Pacific Precious Metals, LLC, a gold and silver dealer based in New York City.” Thus, his prediction is self-serving.

Did you watch the video?

Forget Schiff if you want, but all Austrian economists are saying exactly the same. In the above video you can see Schiff speaking at a Ron Paul conference before the elections. Are you asking us to dismiss all of these guys with your above statements?

Pointing out that Austrians reach doom and gloom conclusions doesn’t demerit their arguments. It is like saying that an astronomer is perforce wrong because he predicts that a very small asteroid whose orbit he’s calculating will hit the Earth in the next hundred years; or that those economists who predicted that the Argentinean peso was about to crash when the Argentinean government started to print millions of pesos out of thin air must (something that happened in real history) must be wrong because that’s a gloom scenario for Argentina.

I would recommend listening to the whole conference by Schiff—one of his best speeches—before you judge the Austrian POV.


Okay, I watched the first 32 minutes of “What About Money Causes Economic Crises?” with Peter Schiff, and I made a few notes:

1) At about 28:25 (28 minutes 25 seconds into that youtube video), Schiff says what China can do with the dollars they get from selling products to the US:

“Nothing, they can’t even spend it; all they can do with it is loan it back to us and buy treasuries.”

This statement by Schiff is clearly false. Although China is a net exporter of goods to the US, besides buying US Treasury bonds it can and does also use its dollars to be a net importer from a number of other countries. For example, at http://www.tradingeconomics.com/china/balance-of-trade it says:

“In the last few years, [China’s] biggest trade surpluses were recorded with the United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Vietnam and Singapore. The biggest trade deficits were recorded with Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Japan and Brazil.”

2) At about 30:40 Schiff says:

“The biggest problem in the US economy is that interest rates are too low, interest rates have to go up, we’re never going to have a recovery, we’re never going to have real economic growth, we’re never going to create productive jobs, unless interest rates go up. But that’s going to be very painful because we are so overly indebted. What’s going to happen when interest rates go up: Banks are going to fail; and next time we can’t bail them out.”

And after making such a huge claim – banks failing and we can’t bail them out – he simply offers no explanation why I should believe that.

In the first 32 minutes of this Peter Schiff video I heard a false statement about what China can do with its US dollars, and a very big claim that an interest-rate rise – notice how he gives no interest-rate numbers here – will cause bank failures that can’t be bailed out.

What I hear with Peter Schiff is someone who likes to talk in generalities and avoid numbers. He’s a talker, but not someone to let guide your financial life and outlook.

And after making such a huge claim – banks failing and we can’t bail them out – he simply offers no explanation why I should believe that.

He meant that after the dollar crashes (just as the peso crashed in Argentina in the past exactly for the same monetary policies) the US government won’t be able to bail them again because it will be broke.

Watch the whole video and forget those Schiff hyperbolic statements on China, etc., which are meant for a live audience (he has some written papers if you prefer the more academic format). And keep in mind that all Ron Paul supporters who were listening to him agree with his broader economic views.

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