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Quotable quotes Toward the White Republic (book)

A book

Toward the White Republic is the Mein Kampf, and Communist Manifesto of the Aryan Restorationist. No other mind has broken me free from realizing I was one of those ‘useful idiots’… And I already ‘knew’ the Truth!”

Fr. John

One reply on “A book”

Here is my personal view on physical separatism as a strategy: (link) (26th post).

I hold it to be viable on the condition the United States government severely weakens in the future, and loses its current military might. Given that miscegenation, decadence and mass 3rd-world immigration have for logical outcome economic ruin, corruption and lack of respect for rules, this will happen.

The beautiful arsenal of Uncle Sam will soon become as old, rusty and defective as the dying tanks, Katyushas and nuclear missiles of an 80s Soviet Union, with, furthermore, a lack of educated personnel to handle it. If the Peak Petroleum theories are true, and if no equivalent substitute is discovered by science, then the downfall will be even more spectacular.

Before the D Day, economic and intellectual separatism is the way to go: with the Internet, encryption software and offshore companies, defrauding the IRS and avoiding to appear before a tribunal for hate speech has never been so easy 😉

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