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The Bell Curve

The totalitarian system of political correctness in which we live has hidden from us the main reason why has crime grown so much in Mexico.

When Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, authors of The Bell Curve, published their study, with chapter 13 discussing the differences of intelligence quotient (IQ) between the various races, I was in Houston. Like thousands of other naïve westerners I swallowed the media claim that the science behind Herrnstein and Murray’s book was not solid. No, I didn’t read the book, even though by 1996 a Houstonian friend used to recommend it: the politically correct book-review at Scientific American had already brainwashed me.

Today, fifteen years after I believed the silly book-review of The Bell Curve that prevented me from reading it, I listened the YouTube clips on the actual content of the book, of which I will insert # 3, presently featured at The Occidental Observer:

[Note of February 21, 2014: the Thought Police has removed this instructive video from YouTube]

The information in clips #3 and #8 has been extended more recently by other authors who have written on the “Color of Crime,” or how people with lowest IQs are more prone to violence.

I do not agree with everything of the spoken introduction to The Bell Curve. In clips #6 and # 8 for example individualism is presented as the cornerstone upon which American culture must be built, and the book promotes a return to the egalitarian values of the founders of the United States as to how to stratify society.

However, even though if compared with white nationalists Herrnstein and Murray seem too cautious and even shy, their book has the merit of having brought a science spanning more than a century to the public eye. And if something can be inferred from IQ studies is that the explosion of crime at both sides of the Río Grande has to do with the type of people that the system has helped to breed geometrically: some blacks to the north and especially the slightly “mestized” Indians at the south.

Anyone willing to understand the crime rates in Mexico in recent decades, with all those ghastly beheadings and kidnappings, an unheard of phenomenon when I was a child, should become familiar with IQ studies. It is obvious that the calamity that many of us have suffered here down the South—I have been kidnapped twice in Mexico City—could have been avoided with a reverse social engineering policy of the very trendy currents of today.

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No: what’s that site about?

Mexico’s future depends on what I said here.

If after the crash of the dollar the Nordish whites at the North of the Río Grande quit behaving like body-snatched pods, come to their senses and create an ethnostate, by then the South will be so chaotic that it will be a piece of cake for blond conquerors.

I believe that after the big treason against the white race in the 20th and 21st centuries, the only way to make sure this won’t happen again is to conquer entire continents for us. This means that if the racial dictatorship is ever created in the Northwest, a new Imperium would do well to turn the tide and start to race-replace the South with white genes: the inverse of what is happening today in California, Texas, etc.

Conversely, if whites at the US don’t get racially conscious I don’t believe that Criollos here down the South will ever get it.

Hi Chechar,
That is just a forum where criollos discuss criollo history and Mexico and stuff. They post videos on YouTube as well.

You obviously know more than me about this. I had heard that Tamaulipas has the most criollos. In which case as things get worse thye could then break off and the current state could break up into indio-states and mestizo-states as well. I don;t know enough about the situation to say. Which element would you say is more troubling?

There have been horrible racial wars in the past, mentioned in Vasconcelos’ Brief History of Mexico, with many whites slaughtered. I am certain that the Criollos have almost zero racial consciousness, at least in the Big City where I live. And to be frank, I don’t even care. I am fed up of Mexico. Even if genetically I am a Mediterranean, you would be surprised to learn that I am a kind of Nordicist. My alienation from this country is so serious that I’d prefer to protect the pure Aryan type of, say, the Mennonites living in Mexico than the deracinated Criollos that live in the same Judeo-liberal world of their northern, WASP neighbors.

Sheeesh! Things sounds worse than I would assume. Nordics are great folks but they do tend to mix more than anyone.
Mediterraneans are not as technical but are more ferocious and collectivistically clannish. It’s too bad all of these useful traits are scattered.

i heard there are many Mennonites living in Paraguay also. I don’t know what life in Paraguay is like but I’ve heard it is rough. I’ve also heard that it was better under Gen. Stroessner. Perhaps Argentina may be a better place to be?

I’ll have to check out the Breve Historia book you mentioned.

Check it: it’s probably the best book on Mexican history as to date. And btw, I’ve now checked up your link. It’s not racial, only Hispanic in the cultural sense of the word. In a leading article these guys say they embrace Amerindians in their movement…

As far as Hispanic in a cultural sense, is the indigenous culture being promoted heavily over the Iberian?

Also, I’ve head from many people that go to Mexico a lot that even 20 years ago it was a nice place. Poor and 3rd world but nice folks, low crime and firm discipline within families with low tolerance for silliness. These folks described Mestizos as well as Criollos like this. Didn’t say much of Indios though. Could the breakdown in discipline and softening (or Americanization if you will) be a contributing factor to all of this?

As far as those vile cartels go, check out the book by j. Mills called Underground Empire. It’s main figure (non-fiction) is a gay guy name Alberto Sicilia Falcon. The stuff he does and the way he behaves is like a proto-version of these cartels. In the book the (now dead) author claims that Sicilia had some dealings with Gaston Santos.

One hopes Richard Herrnstein being a Jew would remind everybody that all generalizations are misleading.

As someone wrote, it’s White people’s masochistic tendencies to bring to the fore Jews who revel in bad-mouthing them (and elites who promote harmful policies). Minorities act like majorities want them to, he said, and I am sure he wasn’t much of wrong.

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