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Francis Parker Yockey

Excerpts of “The world in flames”

Recently at Counter-Currents I read Francis Parker Yockey’s “The world in flames”, published at the height of the Cold War, in 1961: eight months after this dense, brilliant intellectual was liquidated in what was probably a planned prison murder by the United States. No ellipsis added between unquoted paragraphs:

Francis Parker Yockey
1917 – 1960

A brief comparison is in order with the situation of 1946. In that year, America-Jewry controlled, in a political if not military, sense the entire Western Hemisphere. Since then, this preponderance of power vis-à-vis Russia has dwindled to a point where the Washington regime at this moment has no preponderance of power vis-à-vis Russia, but stands in an inferior power-position. The basic reason for the diminution of power is spiritual-organic. Power will never stay in the hands of him who does not want power and has no plan for its use. The more superficial and direct reason for the diminution of power was political incapacity on the part of the Zionists, or Washington regime as it is here interchangeably called.

A person who believes that the seizing of the apparatus of power—government, army, police, press, education—guarantees the continuance of power is a political non-entity. Yet the whole Washington regime believes this. In philosophy they are materialists and thus cannot ever understand that visible facts are only the manifestation of invisible spiritual movements.

To the extent that a people is materialistic in its religion and philosophy, it is non-revolutionary, but the Russians are completely non-materialistic, being completely dominated by feelings, and acting always from their feelings. Thus it was that the Russians, even without disturbing the Bolshevik governmental structure or ideology, effected a complete revolution and deprived the Jewish leadership of all power. The Jew in contemporary Russia is allowed to be a Jew, if he is first and foremost a Russian. In other words he is not allowed to be a Jew, and is being exterminated without physical violence.

In a spiritual sense, of course, the Washington regime are traitors to the United States and its people, but they have so defined the relationships that those who are loyal to the United States in a spiritual and political sense are regarded as traitors in a legal sense.

The Jewish-American entity is Jewish as respects its head, American as respects its body.

In view of the complete lack of spirituality, intellect, political awareness, and moral courage in the American population, the possibility of an American revolt against Jewish domination has been entirely omitted. Such a thing is only a possibility after America-Jewry suffers a thorough military defeat, and even then only if it is followed by large-scale economic disasters.

The American cinema is not anti-Russian, regardless of preparations for the Third World War. Compare this with the preparations for the Second World War, when this same cinema created many thousands of hate-Germany films, which it is still turning out.

When the Germans in Russia make some new technical advance, Eisenhower congratulates the Moscow regime. Roosevelt never congratulated Hitler on such occasions. The Russian flag is flown in the United States on all festive, “international” occasions. Never did the German flag appear, nor does it today. The fundamental ineradicable Jewish hatred of Germany appears in the fact that even the Germany they control directly is not permitted to sit among the United Nations, on a par with the other puppets.

But after this phase, the issue of victory remains undecided. The Jewish-American regime will not surrender, since the very existence of Jewry is at stake, and the whole United States and its population is there to secure the existence of Jewry.

What is the effect of Jewish-American bombardment of Russian cities? And what is the effect vice versa? The Russian is a peasant, whether or not he tills the soil. He is not city-oriented, even when he lives in the city. When the city is destroyed, little is destroyed, so he feels. The American, and a fortiori the Jew, is a megalopolitan, whether or not he lives in Megalopolis. When the city is destroyed, all is destroyed, so he feels. He who reads may draw his own conclusion at this point.

If this happens, an interesting new possibility opens up. In November 1918 Germany surrendered to the English-led coalition, consisting of England, France, Italy, Japan, China, India, Portugal, USA, etc. But after the surrender, England continued the blockade, a war-measure after the war. Since the war was over, this could not be called a means of destroying the enemy’s armed forces. It was solely a means of killing civilians, and in this blockade, continued until July 1919, a million people died of starvation in Germany. That which the Jewish-American-English-French forces did in Germany after the Second World War; destruction of industrial plants, and irrational plundering of natural resources in order to destroy them, could be equally well done by Russia after the Third World War: further destruction of cities, perhaps occupation (large armies might no longer be necessary) to destroy industry systematically, on the pattern used by American-Jewish forces in Europe 19451950. If there were no occupation, the forest areas could be destroyed by systematic bombardment, converting most of the North American Continent into desert. Speaking thus of political victory, it is clear that America-Jewry—under the conditions of 1960—must lose, and Russia must win.

It was not Russian cleverness which drove out Chiang from China, but the Jewish-American agent Marshall. Russia did not neutralize India—The Anglo-American troops there were withdrawn by order from Washington. Russia did not occupy Eastern Germany—America-Jewry gave it to Russia. Russian “successes”—except for its German-made rockets—are all the gift of the Washington regime. Jewish-American political stupidity is invincible. But the power-gifts which the Washington regime has made to Russia are not explicable entirely by simple stupidity, simple incapacity. There is the further factor at work that the Zionist Washington regime is on both sides of most power-questions in the world. Its sole firm stand is its fundamental anti-German position: Germany must be destroyed, its young men must be slaughtered.

[The Jewish-American entity] occupied Lebanon, then evacuated. It held back Chiang when from his island, he would have attacked China with whom the Washington regime was then at war. In Cuba it forbade exportation of arms to the loyal Batista and thus helped Fidel Castro; now it is committed to the overthrow of Castro.

It is a psychological riddle, decipherable only thus: the Zionists have two minds, which function independently. As Zionists, they are committed to the destruction of the Western Civilization, and in this they sympathize with Russia, with China, with Japan, with the Arabs, and as such they anathematize Germany, which is the mind and heart of the Western Civilization. As custodians of the United States, they must half-heartedly remain at least the technical and political domination of that Civilization even while destroying its soul and its meaning. In a word, they are working simultaneously for and against the Western Civilization. Quite obviously they are thus doing more damage than conferring benefit! If a commander of a fortress sympathizes with the enemy, but yet insists in defending the fortress rather than surrendering it, he has surely found the highest formula of destruction. Thus the newspaper tag of “East versus West” is meaningless. It is East versus East, with the West supplying the lives and treasure for destruction.

If Russia represents the Principle of Stupidity, then Zionism represents the Principle of Malice. Of course neither of the two is without the leading characteristic of the other, but stupidity reigns in Moscow, and Malice in Washington.

One reply on “Excerpts of “The world in flames””

The Entire Cold War was a Fiction, created to undermine Western Civilization from within. The Russians did not Lose the Cold War. They did not Surrender to the NATO Allies.

No, it was All a Farce. To secure power for Joos in America and Great Britain, the Cold War was a pantomime for the consumption of the Stupid Masses. Forced to pay for Israel and Zionism, the taxpayers were suckers for the Joos.

Now, we have “the War on Terror”. The American taxpayers are again being Looted by the Joos supposedly to fight Al-Qaeda, but in Reality supporting Zionists in Israel and Washington, D.C.

The Real Terror comes from the Crime Waves commited against Whites by blacks and illegal aliens. Supported by the Usurper from Kenya in the name of his Infernal Master.

Like a trained Monkey, Obamba does his dance with the Tin Cup given to him by the Organgrinders in the Media. More Money for Zionism and Joo Supremacy.

Pay up, or we’ll take away your Grandmother’s Social Security! Raise the Debt or Pay through the nose for Mortgages and Credit Cards.

That’s the Real Terror. The Joos are the Real Terrorists. Their Money is backed only with veiled threats and fear. Worthless Scraps of Paper with the pictures of traitors on them.

When will it End?! Who will put an End to this extortion racket? Where is our Savior? Who shall end this Madness?

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