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Latin America

What about Latin America?

Hi Chechar,

You were born in Mexico, right? Is it worthwhile to distribute anti-ZOG propaganda to Spanish-speaking Latin Americans? Anti-Americanism seems popular enough in Latin America, but do they know who is secretly in power? Even if they aren’t white, do you think we could gain “allies” in Mexico?

Venezuela seems to be predicting a showdown with ZOG. They have recently begun trying to move their gold reserves back into the country and have condemned the overthrow of the Libyan government.

Do you have any thoughts?


Sam Davidson

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Dear Sam,

Sophisticated Latin Americans don’t know almost anything about ZOG (in my life I’ve only met a handful of them conscious of the Jewish Question). I like what Chávez is doing with the gold, but like Evo Morales he’s a rabid anti-white. Indians, mulattos and mestizos can be our allies only in the sense that Arabs can be allies in our common war against Jewry. Most criollos (Iberian whites living here) have become as body-snatched pods as their northern, WASP counterparts. Mexico is beyond repair unless…

1) the dollar crashes and the US goes down, down, down…

2) desperate niggers start behaving pretty naughtily in a crashed America

3) an ethnostate is formed somewhere in Northam after a bloody war and, finally,

4) the new Aryan nation grows strong enough—e.g., as in Covington’s latest novel, Freedom’s Sons—to conquer Mexico with the ease that Cortés conquered the Aztec Empire half a millennium ago.

I’ve translated to English a couple of my articles about Mexico, and although I am translating MacDonald’s CofC the Spaniards are my main target audience in my blog in Spanish. Latin America in general and Mexico in particular have degenerated so horribly after my childhood that my only hope is to escape from this hell as soon as possible.


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