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The US: the greatest threat to the white race

Michael O’Meara’s long 2004 article in The Occidental Quarterly, “Boreas Rising: White Nationalism and the Geopolitics of the Paris-Berlin-Moscow Axis,” has been published online at Counter Currents (here, here and here). I’m reproducing only some basic excerpts. No ellipsis added between unquoted paragraphs:

For a half century, we nationalists stood with the “West” in its struggle against the Asiatic Marxism of the Soviet bloc. There was little problem then distinguishing between our friends and our foes, for all evil was situated in the collectivist East and all virtue in the liberal West. Today, things are much less clear. Not only has the Second American War on Iraq revealed a profound geopolitical divide within the West, the social-political order associated with it now subverts our patrimony in ways no apparatchik ever imagined. Indeed, it seems hardly exaggerated to claim that Western elites (those who Samuel Huntington calls the “dead souls”) have come to pose the single greatest threat to our people’s existence.

For some, this threat was discovered only after 1989. Yet as early as the late forties, a handful of white nationalists, mainly in Europe, but with the American Francis Parker Yockey at their head, realized that Washington’s postwar order, not the Soviet Union, represented the greater danger to the white biosphere. Over the years, particularly since the fall of Communism, this realization has spread, so that a large part of Europe’s nationalist vanguard no longer supports the West, only Europe, and considers the West’s leader its chief enemy.

For these nationalists, the United States is a kind of anti-Europe, hostile not only to its motherland, but to its own white population. The Managerial Revolution of the thirties, Jewish influence in the media and the academy, the rise of the national security state and the military-industrial complex have all had a hand in fostering this anti-Europeanism, but for our transatlantic cousins its roots reach back to the start of our national epic. America’s Calvinist settlers, they point out, saw themselves as latter-day Israelites, who fled Egypt (Europe) for the Promised Land. Their shining city on the hill, founded on Old Testament, not Old World, antecedents, was to serve as a beacon to the rest of humanity. America began—and thus became itself—by casting off its European heritage.

Then, in the eighteenth century, this anti-Europeanism took political form, as the generation of 1776 fashioned a new state based on Lockean/Enlightenment principles, which were grafted onto the earlier Calvinist ones. As these liberal modernist principles came to fruition in the twentieth century, once the Christian vestiges of the country’s “Anglo-Protestant core” were shed, they helped legitimate the missionary cosmopolitanism of its corporate, one-world elites, and, worse, those extracultural, anti-organic, and hedonistic influences hostile to the European soul of the country’s white population.

Our present malaise, I would argue, stems less from these ideological influences (however retarding) than from a more recent development—the Second World War—whose world-transforming effects were responsible for distorting and inverting our already tenuous relationship to Europe. For once our motherland was conquered and occupied (what the apologists of the present regime ironically refer to as its “liberation”) and once the new postwar system of transnational capital was put in place, a New Class of powers with a vested interest in de-Europeanizing America’s white population was allowed to assume command of American life.

Whether pursued by Republicans or Democrats, this liberal internationalist agenda, with its emphasis on the antitraditional and anti-Aryan forces of free trade, free markets, and open societies, has been a bane to white people everywhere—for it wars against “the fundamental value of blood and race as creators of true civilization.”

America’s future

Germany was virtually remade by the Americans after 1945 and throughout the Cold War remained subservient to them.

Since the rise to world power of the United States, white America has been in decline. For most of the twentieth century, but especially since the end of the Second World War, the country’s overlords have taken one step after another to de-Europeanize its white population. To this end, white culture and identity have been socially re-engineered. White communities, schools, and businesses have been forced to integrate with races previously considered inferior and inimical. And, for the last forty years, whites have been expected to replace themselves with Third World immigrants.

The small, isolated pockets of white resistance confront a seemingly impossible task—similar to the one King Canute faced when he tried to hold back the ocean tide. Because of this, I would argue that only a catastrophe will save white America. Only a catastrophic collapse of the political, institutional, and cultural systems associated with imperial America—call it the managerial state, liberal democracy, corporate capitalism, the NWO, or whatever label you prefer—holds out any possibility that a small, racially conscious vanguard of white Americans will succeed in defending their people’s existence.

The real dangers threatening the country are totally ignored: the dangers posed by the mestizo and Asiatic colonization of our lands, the growth of U.S. Muslim communities, the denationalization of the economy and the looming fiscal crisis of the state, the Zionist domination of the political and information systems, the replacement of truth with propaganda and disinformation, the deculturation and miscegenation of our people. That for the first time in American history Europe is not the focus of U.S. strategic thinking, but rather Israel, should say it all.

However this crisis plays out, America and Europe seem set on a collision course. If the Paris-Berlin-Moscow axis continues to affect the continent and shift power out of the Atlanticist camp, this cannot but destabilize the United States, for without its omnipotent dollar and its domination of global markets, it will no longer be able to consume more than it produces, to live on credit, to afford the social-welfare measures that buy off the Africans and tame the Mexicans, to sustain the social-engineering schemes discriminating against the talents and energies of its white majority, to afford the police, the drugs, the TVs, and the computer toys that narcotize its cretinized masses.

The American, German, and French states—none of these entities any longer represent the descendants of those who founded them. As Sam Francis puts it, “the state has become the enemy of the nation.” And as a thousand years of European history demonstrate, whenever the state and the nation come into conflict, the latter inevitably proves the stronger. I think it is no exaggeration to claim that only on the ruins of the existing political order will white America be reborn—and reborn not as another constitutional “nation-state” which elevates abstract rights above biocultural imperatives, but as a northern imperium of white peoples who, as Bismarck exhorted, “think with their blood.”

Let us prepare for the coming collapse.

18 replies on “The US: the greatest threat to the white race”

A very interesting article. Guillaume Faye posits a scenario in which a European Imperium is established, and Russia is a foundational pillar of that Imperium. The conflict of the Cold War was essentially smoke and mirrors; the liberal capitalism of the West and Soviet Communism of the East are just two sides of the same coin. The real conflict will be the ethnic blocs of the South versus the North. Islam in Europe will have to be addressed, as will, ultimately, the racial question in America.

White America’s last best hope may just be Harold Covington’s Northwest Homeland project. When this rotten Empire falls, I shudder to think of the immediate consequences, even if in the long run our people resurrect themselves. Think Hurricane Katrina writ very large.

America is a corrupt and degenerate nation and given its current trajectory can only mean one thing…the complete and total destruction of White people.

White people must start thinking about an alternative homeland here some where in America minus juden overlords and minorities.

Our russophobic nationalists might be reminded that the former Soviet Union was the sole white power to define nationality racially.

What´s about the jewish influence in the russian revolution and later?

Well, that was before Stalin came along…. He eventually eliminated Jewish influence within the Soviet Union. Apparently, he came to the same conclusion as Hitler about the Jews. It is a pity he realised this too late. Some of the best anti-semitic literature was in fact produced in the Soviet Union, starting in the 1950’s. Of course the Jews had Stalin murdered, but the Soviet Union stayed nationalist and anti-semitic until its demise.

The Catastrophe that will destroy America is the Culture War between Obama/Planned Parenthood and the (Catholic) Church.

If we must fight incrementally, take control of the media from the Jews and victory will be easier.

Very enlightening insights from Mr. O’Meara, as is the norm for him, fall flat on their faces with the closing sentiment:

“I think it is no exaggeration to claim that only on the ruins of the existing political order will white America be reborn.”

Exceptionalism dies hard.

I agree, the Jewish controlled U.S. government IS the greatest enemy of whites globally, not just the ones stuck behind the bars with it. The best thing that can happen to the white race is the destruction of the U.S. from within and without. The suriving whites take back their land, or at least a large enough belt of it to form a new homeland where non-whites are unequivovacobly unwelcome and Jews will never be allowed to have any position of power, not even dog catcher. No doubt they will try to use nuclear weapons against any such white nation, which must be prepared to respond to any such attack by nuking every city in Israel. This will only come at the cost of immense numbers of people dying in more than once civil war as well as the third world war the collapse of the U.S. will start.

There is much to be said for your view. I would add the following;

1. Concepts of the welfare-state, racial egalitarianism, and more recently homosexual marriage were already well-developed in Northern Europe prior to adoption by the U.S. Such moral rots were European imports.

2. The general superiority of the American free-market model is demonstrated by the outcome, America rapidly became the center of economic production and power, compare, for example, the American war production during WWII vs that of Europe (notwithstanding that such power has often been used to advance jew interests, I need not be reminded of that). So long as America remained solidly in the White European camp America was a great force for good, you should not forget that.

3. You fail to address the feminization of the Western democracies via universal suffrage which in my view contributed far more to the decline of Europe than anything America subsequently did; the Western European empires were then destined to fall and promptly did so. On balance, Europe’s decline as a source of White power was for a time counterbalanced by America’s growth. As for now;

4. You are correct that America is dropping out of Western civilization and consequently constitutes a threat to a still primarily White Europe. This is, in my view, because of America went down the same suicidal path of feminization as did western Europe, and what followed was the American version of European empires in collapse, but with the added factor of near complete jew control of the organs of power. Unlimited third-world immigration must inevitably bring about the fall of the present system, universal suffrage permits no other outcome. You are fortunate to watch the collapse from a distance, but don’t be too surprised if you see a new racially-conscious America emerge from the ruins.

I’m very glad to have found your site, I enjoy reading your very interesting viewpoint on this and so many other topics.

America has always been, right from its inception, a nation of thieves and propagandists. Their ruthlessness and cunning is what signals them out and their ascendancy is essentially due to the vast resources of an unpopulated continent. They have not made solid contributions to any field, either artistically or scientifically , though in recent times they have drained the all the talent of the world and perverted it. Their technology has been ripped off from the Germans, and their science is little more than window dressing. Even good talents from all over the world are forced to play this game. As for the arts, the degradation is sickening.
I am a Hindu, and invested in the survival of my own kind. USA and whites have severely compromised us by supporting Islam at every step in an attempt to annihilate our culture and enslave us. Whether it is the support of the terrorist state of pakistan, the absorption and transfer of european wealth to Muslims through immigration, the USA china rapproachment, the criminal evangelism of the various churches(who have allied with the Muslims openly these days), every action seems to us to be directed at breaking the last polytheistic and nature worshipping culture in the world. Even though we respect the Germans for their extraordinary achievements over the last 3 centuries, they are also guilty along with the French and English in essentially trying their best to demonize and destroy Hinduism. So in our view europeans are only paying for their dirty tricks against us. Their mendacious elites wanted the infidel hindus wiped out, but in doing so have inadvertently compromised their own people. White Christians have only seen the tip of what their fair skinned (compared to Hindus), non idolating, monotheistic Islamic “brethren” are capable of. It is going to get much,much worse as you can neither cure them nor wipe them out. Trust us, we have dealt with these criminals enough.

In the interests of full disclosure I am a non European Muslim whose ancestors were Hindus and Buddhists.

“USA and whites have severely compromised us by supporting Islam at every step in an attempt to annihilate our culture and enslave us.”

I was not aware that the USA is (sincerely) supporting Islam, or do you mean supporting bogus types like ISIS and the carbon copies of Gog & Magog who make up the governments in the Muslim world?

The USA & the rest of the Modern West run by Gog & Magog is a creation of the Anti-Christ who is using his creation to create a “new world order” in which he can rule the world from Jerusalem. He is nearing his mission’s completion and he will not need the Modern West and thus what you witness is the “suicide of the Modern West by her very own dagger”. Usury, replacement level immigration, feminism, promotion of homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, destruction of the family etc. What he really needs is a universal collapse/clash. In this post apocalyptic world, you will see him emerge in the form a young Jewish man in Jerusalem declaring he is the Messiah.

“… they are also guilty along with the French and English in essentially trying their best to demonize and destroy Hinduism.”

I know of the French and British colonial history regarding Hinduism however what have the Germans to be guilty of?

Today Modi’s Bharat is very close to the ruling tribes of Gog & Magog, perhaps you should write to him and advice him to refrain from this intimacy?

I have observed German politics for over forty years. I have come to the conclusion, that Germany isn’t even a sovereign country, because its politics are so erratic that one must conclude that it is controled and forced to go whatever way the controling agent requires at any given time. It seems to be a totally illogical entity.

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