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A Jew criticizing Jewishness

There’s no question about it. The Western world has been horribly lied with its historical narrative after World War 2. But cracks on the current paradigm are already visible if we only dare to listen the dissidents.

Pay special attention when Gilad Atzmon, an ex Jew, says that Jews simply “don’t understand how out of the blue the people turned against them” in Germany, and why it is not a conspiracy but an assertion of historical realities to state that his co-ethnic Jews are bent on world domination. Also, after watching this video I feel I finally understand why on earth the United Kingdom allowed such a thing as the creation of the state of Israel.

Below I embedded an edited video that features Atzmon among three other speakers (the full version of this May 2011 event can be seen at the link at the bottom of this post).

Panel event- ‘Zionizm, Jewishness and Israel’ from Tali Atzmon on Vimeo.


Note of October 8, 2011

Despite the above Atzmon is no friend of us. See MacDonald’s recent exposé of him (here).

6 replies on “A Jew criticizing Jewishness”

Well looks like you waited for this video.
Your sick mind needed an asshole to open it.

You were born antisemite, you just needed an idiot to make sure, you are no sick.
Well you both are

I see your IP, “George”: It’s located in Israel. And no: I was not born anti-Semite. At the beginning of last year I still was a staunch philo-Semite. Something happened that changed my mind. Atzmon only corroborated what I knew. Your insults are no match for our argument.

Mr. Atzmon appears to be onto something in his identification of Jewishness as the core problem. I wonder if Kevin MacDonald will ever write about him. He is certainly correct that Jewish Marxists and progressives are practicing a very strange form of National Socialism.

However, I think he’s ridiculous to portray Gaza as having been “flattened” by the Zionists. As far as I can tell, Gaza is still filled with Arab Semites firing rockets at the Jewish Semites. I think it’s wonderful if they all just kill each other.

Yes, Ashkenazi Jews are a mix of ethnicities. Some are in fact heavily Eurasian.

For instance, in my family, everyone is lactose tolerant, a recessive Northern European trait, and most of us have dry ear wax, a recessive Northeast Asian trait. My mother and I have acne rosacea, which is most common in fair-complexioned Northern Europeans and Celts, and several of my ancestors and I have light hair and eyes.

Most of my relatives and I do not look typically Jewish at all, and many of us have married Aryans in what can only be characterised as acts of horrific miscegenation. It is wrong for Jews to pollute the Aryan race.

That said, no one in my family except for my mother and me (to my knowledge) has noticed the problem of Jewish racism.

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