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“America must end” – Covington

Today’s podcast
by Harold Covington
has been described
with these words
by one of the radio listeners:
“Your best podcast ever, Harold.
The Jew Republic is dead.
Long live the coming
Aryan Republic. 14/88.”

Here there are a couple of excerpts transcripted from the podcast:

America must end. It is a disease: a leprous thing. There’s no health or goodness in it that has been for long time, and the ultimate interest of all humanity lies in this rotting and poisonous monster called the United States being removed from the Earth. All of us know in our souls what must be done [Revolution]…

The filth that is America will be purged from the world with fire and sword. The darkness that covers this land will be lifted. And a new generation of white children will be born and grow strong in the light.

Listen to it: here.

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