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Adolf Hitler Autobiography Degenerate art

Degenerate Xtian art

Now that I have been tidying up the study left by my late mother, I have found a wealth of documents of great interest to the autobiographer. She used to collect postcards and photographs of the countries she had visited and had some splendid postcards of Florentine art, including the famous sculpture sculpted by Michelangelo (which I also saw in Florence, though when I was travelling alone). You can’t contrast that Aryan art more with the degenerate Christian art that we also see in the photographs that my mother collected in other of her travels, in Spanish-speaking countries. For example, compare the grotesquely dressed ‘virgins’ with the nudist statuary of the Greco-Roman world!

There are things I have already said but they are so important that I never tire of repeating them. In his famous Civilisation series of 1969, Lord Clark put the image of the Greek Apollo and then contrasted it with an African mask and another image from an early medieval Irish religious book, and said that the most conspicuous thing was that, in the latter, the classical glory of the human figure disappeared. What we are left with, I would add, is an irrelevant little man full of self-destructive guilt because white people abandoned their beautiful Aryan Gods to worship a god that hated them: the god of the Jews.

I was about to throw away the photographs of this entry—degenerate art—when it occurred to me that I’d better upload them to a new blog post, and explain why I wanted to throw them away.

Since Julian the Apostate in the 4th century c.e., among European rulers only Adolf Hitler tried to transvalue Judeo-Christian values to our true values, already intuited by Renaissance artists. It is known that the Hitler of his famous speeches couldn’t speak so openly about these issues, but with his close friends he opened his heart. What I would give to listen to his after-dinner talks!

At least in this recording we can hear Uncle Adolf when he spoke in his normal voice instead of the pompous videotaped declamations that made him famous, when he couldn’t criticise Judeo-Christianity as fiercely as he did in private.

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This is so true and this is the reason I feel really blessed when I discovered this blog almost 5 years ago. You Herr Cesar are a man of culture; exactly the kind of editor that most pro-white sites lack—the way you point out deeper problems in our society and culture that are rarely touched by others like the problem of modern music for example.

It is really inconceivable how much time this degeneration (Christianity) has been living with us, their sick and ugly images and representations that could only belong to an asylum for the mentally ill. But Aryans and other whites are still around, we have survived this parasite for centuries, we have endured, crippled but still able to recover. Thank you for your blog and all the hundreds of hours you have taken for the cause. I still hope you can be with us for at least 20 years more—not like Pierce who left us really soon, so take care of yourself, please.


Thanks for your excellent work! As we progress, in the Age of the Kali Yuga, perhaps your works, and thoughts will result in a “new’ Atlantis..!

If you look at the illustrations by Wolfgang Wilrich, a prominent artist in the Third Reich, you will see that most of the women depicted are highly masculinised, much as they were in the Victorian era and in classical antiquity. I find it immensely disappointing that our ancestors did not have a biologically accurate feminine ideal. It makes me quite angry at them, really.

That image is not a typical example of the Pre-Raphaelite style. The vast majority of pre-Raphaelite women bear a strong resemblance to Florence Welch, an androgynous contemporary singer with a strong jaw and prominent nose. It’s not feminine at all.

Like all men I desire virgins. But I have to agree on the manner of dress. It’s excessive and obscures the figure. I think capitalism exacerbated this Christian tendency. Now people do everything they can to alienate the body from the self and obscure or defile their own image.

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