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Neo-Christianity explained!

‘What is happening now is a civil war within Christianity: a civil war between factions’ (traditional Christians and atheist hyperchristians) Holland says after minute 10. ‘The Woke movement is a Pelagian movement’ he added almost four minutes after in contrast to Augustine’s theology.

For a casual viewer, it would seem that the conversation between these three pundits was a conversation between people who share the views of this site, The West’s Darkest Hour, were it not for the fact that after the 15th minute the non-white Konstantin said that they were all happy living in the liberal world of modern times.

Never mind the POV of these three. As I said in the recent PDF, I’m appropriating Holland’s insights for what I call the sacred words (I’ve done something similar before with Lloyd deMause’s psychohistorical legacy, as my Day of Wrath readers know).

The only annoying thing in the interview is the commercial, but after the 42nd minute Holland says something I suspected: that the (psychopathological) condition Britain finds itself in today is due to its old Puritan roots. That is to say, in this age its atheist offspring have become, axiologically, hyperchristians: which also explains what’s happening in the US. And almost at minute 46 Holland explains why Anglo-American culture is virtually the opposite of what I might call our culture: abducting the Sabine women to found a new Republican Rome (values have been reversed by a misguided Christian sense of compassion).

‘We’ve forgotten,’ says Holland, ‘the theological underpinnings’ of why we do what we do today. Before the 49th minute Holland joked with a question answering another question from Konstantin: What would happen if Westerners realised that the great awokening they are suffering has Christian roots? He answered: ‘What’s so wrong about the Nazis?’ And already after the 51st minute Holland added that today’s anti-Nazism is still Christian considering the amplifying progressive spiral. Nonetheless, at minute 57 Holland reveals his colours: despite his tremendous insight into what is happening he likes to see Confederate statues removed from parks.

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It is my impression that Holland has effectively internalised the Christian message as to almost forget the reality of cultural relativism. Or if he remembers it, he nevertheless considers Christianity subjectively good.

On the other hand, I try to ground myself in something material – the survival of the Aryan race. From that point, any such culture is merely a tool or a hindrance.

You of course disagree, but you are still more materialistic than Savitri – whom I too respect greatly. But Christians have no agency whatsoever, possessed & body-snatched.

Can you imagine an honest Christian? “Yes, I worship a stinky crucified celestial foreigner, and I hope for my kind’s extinction, alongside every kind of foreigners’ proliferation.”

César, I just wanted to say that you misunderstood what I meant in the other post about the statues. I am aware of the silly prudishness of the Ancient Greeks when it came to breasts and penises, but that’s not really what I’m talking about. I’m talking specifically about the faces, which are very unfeminine. Prominent noses, large chins, sunken mouths. These features are masculine and indicative of advanced age. Is there any chance of you addressing this?

With regard to Holland, while it might seem regrettable to us that he is still a liberal at heart, in another sense it is very convenient. Holland’s liberal credentials allow us to introduce the CQ into the broader discourse and get the Right talking about it. We wouldn’t be able to do this if Holland was a raving fascist fanatic. The normies would dismiss him reflexively. Holland is ultimately a useful idiot, as you say. I wonder, does he realise that he is inadvertently helping exterminationists? What does he think he’s accomplishing for his fellow liberals?

No: in no way do I think Holland perceives that his insights can be used by people to the right of Himmler, so to speak. If you notice, all the YouTubers I’ve been linking to recently are liberals who would never argue with someone like us. But thanks to Holland’s insight, we can use his book, which is selling well, to enlighten white nationalists, who are completely stuck on JQ without realising that it was precisely Christianity that empowered Jewish subversion (which is why, before I abridged Holland’s book, I abbreviated Skrbina’s book in the linked PDF).

I see. Could you respond to what I said about the faces? You ignored it again.

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