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Like Andrew Anglin I am glad that Paris and other French cities are going up in flames. As Nietzsche and I said in the last two pages of Neo-Christianity, not only the Vatican (the symbol of Christianity) but the Arc de Triomphe, as a symbol of Neo-Christianity, must be razed to the ground. But unlike Anglin, I look not at the present but at the causes that led the French and other whites to believe such idiocies as that humans of all races, Orcs included, can be French citizens.

In the last few days I have been linking to videos by normies that shed light on the POV of this site. But only a couple of hours ago I discovered a Christian, Stephen Meyer, who concedes that we have ‘a secularised hyper form of Christianity that we call wokeness that is eating our culture from inside out…’

Stephen Meyer, Douglas Murray, Tom Holland and Peter Robinson.

But that wasn’t the highlight of that roundtable. Most important was what Murray said next. Responding to Holland he said that—I rephrase—it is a miracle that Christian morality is, at this historical moment, hanging in the air without the support of traditional Christian dogma, like the cartoons I used to watch as a child, where a character would cut the branch of a tree he was sitting on with a saw and not fall down until he realised that the branch and he were no longer supported by anything!

This miracle of being in the air for a couple of seconds without falling (although in historical times it’s not seconds but decades) gives me hope, not the hope of Murray but the hope of seeing the blonde beast redivivus once he falls.

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Of course, I hope that you are right, but I highly disagree with this. First, they are worried about the rise of Hitlerism, so they are looking for any cracks in the edifice of neo-Christianity. Second, they seem to be trad cucks, hence their penchant for pining for institutionalised Christianity’s renewal.

No cartoon physics. Where is it etched in stone that Christian morality has to be imbibed through the crucified Jew? The Bolsheviks were “atheist”, too – and they believed in their nonsense just fine.

The only cartoon physics possible here could be the collapse of the economy, the failure of geopolitics, and finally, the death of the Aryan race.

Holland is a typical liberal. He is concerned about the extinction, it seems to me, of hedgehogs in his country but not of blonde Englishwomen of his very own ethnic group! Murray is a homo and Meyer a Christian who believes in the historicity of what St Paul wrote in his epistles. Robinson, whose interviews I used to watch many years ago, has not dared to interview a single racialist, e.g. a Jared Taylor who speaks like a gentleman from another age.

Liberals are very strange people. They shy away from direct confrontation even with people who, like Greg Johnson, would argue with them in the nicest and most tepid way possible.

Regarding what you say about the physics of TV cartoons, the big question is: Will the French still be able to believe the nonsense (‘Orcs are French citizens like everyone else’) after fiat currencies collapse and what we saw in recent days in Paris becomes an everyday occurrence? Is falling off the branch and hitting the ground insufficient to wake them up from their idiotic slumber? Or do they need Russian missiles to fly and hit the capitals if the collapse of the dollar and other currencies fail to wake them up?

Who has prophetic answers to these futuristic questions?

The French will double down on wokeness in the short term. I’ve seen it again and again. The “New French” are rioting because obviously the “Old French” are racist and haven’t kissed enough brown ass. Expect them to pucker up so big it’ll make even sheer sycophants sick to their stomachs. The truly interesting part about all this is that the number of POC in France is nearing the percentage required to wage a real revolution to overthrow the French Government.

Quickie prediction: The French will double down and install a whole slew of the “rioters” in Government positions to appease them. They will see this as capitulation of the White French and a real honest to goodness revolution will occur in a few years and the POC will seize the French Government. The “New French” will open the immigration floodgates totally and the new government will create an Islamic state. The White French will do nothing until wine is outlawed and then they’ll try to annoy the Germans in the hope they’ll invade France yet again and remove the Islamic French Government. Germans won’t be coming because they’ll be busy bowing before their own new Islamic overlords and begging them not to outlaw beer and pork schnitzels. Russians will be be laughing their asses off and make a fortune in the black market smuggling alcohol and pork products into Western Europe. Americans will hold protests that transgenders and gays are being thrown off French rooftops meanwhile they’ll be fighting with the Russians on who controls the booze/pork black market. Headlines will read “Jews most effected” and the EU and US government will cough up 100 Billion each to Israel. All NATO countries will strip every last weapon/munition from their own countries to ship to Ukraine (POC will be exempt and be allowed to keep their illegal munitions and weapons because to say anything would be racist.) People will act surprised when crime and revolutions run rampant.

These questions are not that futuristic. The Negro worship in the West and the recent mercenary revolt in Russia come out straight out the dancing manias of the Middle Ages.

And define “the French”. Where do you see any party able to conduct an insurrection? Without the destruction of the state apparatus there is no such hope. And the Russians are too cucked to even murder the leader of their revolt, let alone launch the redemptory nukes.

I was just watching a video from a French Nationalist. His suggestion: Do nothing and let it burn. The rioters are burning out centrists and leftists ( the type of people who voted in the current regime) and they need to be slapped around to learn their lesson. By doing anything now to stop the rioters, you’d be helping the regime so let the cops and the rioters battle it out.

The general message could be summed up as worse is better. Forgive me if I have my doubts but I’ve been around long enough to hear that argument before. Every time “ the worse” just became the new normal, people adjusted, and the shit feat just continued onward unabated. Eventually it will hit a point where things just can’t go on that way, but people’s ability to adjust and adapt could drag this all out for a long time. Case in point, look at how long the economy has been chugging along even though it should have collapsed a decade or two ago. I just wish this show would get on the road before I’m too damn old to be of any real help.

As Revilo P. Oliver put it: Liberalism is merely ‘The Marxian Reformation’.

“Liberals are very strange people. They shy away from direct confrontation…”

Of course they do, because their ideas are nonsense and they know it. It is easy to crush them even in the nicest debate. That’s why they need the current system to protect them and censor their opponents so we only listen to them in mainstream media.

” Will the French still be able to believe the nonsense?”

Yes, until the need for pretending is working has gone. Unfortunately, many French people have been turned into French speaking americans so they have become too attached to comfort and pleasure to do anything at all.

They need to not be able to come back to “normal” life, whatever that means, for them to realize that the illusion is gone.

It would be great if the negroes and arabs living in France forces the government to engage in direct conflict with them. What will happen then? The government is their greatest protector.

Will they allow to get coup as to keep the illusion? Or will they use brutal force to slaughter their diversity pets? I think either way is good, but perhaps too idealistic to actually happen.

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