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Extermination of the Neanderthals Souvenirs et réflexions d'une aryenne (book)

Savitri quote

There is no worse enemy of the beauty of the world than the unlimited proliferation of man. There is no worse enemy of the quality of man himself than this proliferation: it cannot be repeated too often that a choice must be made between ‘quantity’ and ‘quality.’

The history of our cycle is, like that of any cycle, the history of an indefinitely prolonged struggle between quality and quantity, until the victory of the latter: a complete victory, but a very short one since it necessarily coincides with the end of the cycle and the coming of the Avenger, whom I have called by his Sanskrit name: Kalki.

If I say that the heroic but practically useless attempt at recovery represented by Hitlerism is the last, it is because I know of no force in the present world able to stop universal decadence. Despite all the power and prestige at his disposal, Adolf Hitler was unable to create—recreate—the conditions that were and remain essential for the blossoming of a Golden Age. He could neither suppress technology nor reduce the number of people in the world to anything like one-thousandth of what it is today; that is, practically to what it was during the centuries before our Dark Age.

It is possible and even probable that, victorious, he would have tried to do so, gradually. But his victory would have had to be complete and not only on a European but on a world scale, and there would have been no power on earth to rival his and to thwart his work. But then he would have been Kalki Himself, and we would now be living at the dawn of a new cycle. He needed technology, and at least a growing German population, to carry out his fight against the tide of time under the present conditions.

The next time it won’t be giants or demigods but miserable dwarfs who will suffer the inevitable destruction: billions of dwarves, banal in their ugliness, without character, who will disappear before the Avenger: like an anthill destroyed by a lava flow.

In any case, whether or not we survive the painful childbirth of the new cycle, we won’t be among these dwarfs. The ordeal of 1945 and especially of the post-war years—seductive prosperity—will have made us, the few, what we are and what we remain. And in the roar of unleashed power that will mark the end of all that we so cordially despise, we shall greet with a shiver of ecstasy the Voice of divine revenge, whose triumph will be ours even if we must perish.

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There are. Unfortunately they’re going to use overpopulation by non-Whites to first crush Whites and eliminate us and then they’ll crash the world population. They’ll leave a few non-white serfs smart enough to run the machinery for their utopia but too stupid to rebel. That’s probably the plan anyway. Unfortunately they’ll screw it up because the people behind this are basically parasites and parasites can’t create or even maintain something effectively. It won’t stop them from trying though.

they’ll crash the world population. They’ll leave a few non-white serfs smart enough to run the machinery for their utopia but too stupid to rebel. That’s probably the plan anyway.

As I said to another commenter not long ago, I don’t think this process is conscious, or that there is a plan similar to what the author of the famous book about the ‘wise men’ of Zion paints it for us. Everything is rather an unconscious process, in which the elites are so stupid that they are digging their own grave (energy devolution would destroy their System).

Gonzalo Lira, despite being a normie as far as NS is concerned, has more psychological insight on this issue than white nationalists, many of whom view elites as super-smart rather than typical idiots who don’t know what they’re doing.

Personally I’ve come to hate the fact that we call these people “elite.” There is nothing elite about these people. They may hold power but that does not make them elite. (Side note: I’ve never understood the whole Jews are super geniuses thing that you see in WN circles sometimes. I’ve had to deal with a lot of these (((people))) over the years and they’re more like “Wiley Coyote – Super Genius” from the old Road Runner cartoons than anything else.)

I’ve always agreed with what HAC said: The elites are evil and stupid. Do they have a plan? Well, maybe call it more of a “dream.” You’re probably correct that a lot of what they do is unconscious, but they do do some things consciously probably just to enjoy screwing with us “peasants.” Never underestimate these people’s desire to screw with us just because they can. If they ever get their dream it will probably implode quickly and become their nightmare. Hey but at least they showed those filthy peasants who’s boss. That’s all that really matters anyway.

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