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Translation of must-read paragraphs:

At this stage of globalisation there is no longer any doubt that those who dominate the world today are not interested in allowing the individual to rise and cultivate his creativity, fruitfulness and power, let alone allowing various individuals outside the circles of power to unite and behave as a single being with their interests. We are now in a position to identify the tendencies that globalisation intends to impose on the white race through its social engineering:

Destruction of collectivity: race, nation, culture, religion, social class, profession, family or any strut of collective identity around which a strong group can be organised. All must be submerged in a confused global jumble. When the individual is just ‘one more’ and is not integrated into a strong group, a tribe that channels and protects him, it is easier to dominate him, manipulate him and put ideas into his head. Any good cult (and globalisation is a mass cult) must uproot the individual before reshaping his mind.

Social Balkanisation and civil war: men against women, young against old, separatism, urban tribes, sects, political parties, football teams, subsidising of ‘ethnic minorities’, anything that divides society by promoting the ‘all against all’ that diverts the anger of the people and divides us so that the financial caste can win.

Relativism and behavioural degeneration: whatever you do is OK: You can be unfaithful to your wife or husband, you can make laziness, indiscipline and complacency a way of life, you can shove cans of coke up your ass, you can snort, smoke, swallow or inject every drug there is and ever will be, you can steal, corrupt and sow evil around you, you can have as many abortions as you want, you can have sex with people of the same sex, you can harm defenceless animals and you can indulge in the most depraved vices. All this does not make you a despicable being, because there are no taboos and there are no sins. You will never be punished for your faults because there is no right, there is no wrong… This state of sacrilegious, ignorant and self-destructive pride was called hubris by the ancient Greeks.

Promotion of hedonism: The individual lives only for himself, i.e. that he is a helpless and weak clown without a tribe. Since the human being does not need to be given anything, but to earn it, this gratuitous and cheap hedonism will not satiate him and he will always look for more matter and more sensory pleasure to devour. The last stop on this journey is mental collapse, physical degeneration and a burnt-out spirit that no longer believes in anything.

Annihilation of old world values: Honour, fidelity, altruism, patriotism, sense of duty, courage, fierceness, heroism, generosity, discipline, respect, collective solidarity, pride in family, tradition and lineage, etc.

‘Women’s liberation’ is the name given to the operation of doubling the labour force, increasing consumption and halving wages by subjecting women to the whims of the labour market and capitalism. The effects have been the disintegration of the family cell and the uprooting of children from it, throwing them into being raised by the state, the education system, television and multinationals, bringing international trade into the last redoubt of the natural world: the home. A society that promotes the promiscuous woman as ‘interesting’ and ‘experienced’, that mocks mothers of large families, that considers a fifteen-year-old virgin to be foolish and that lacks the archetype of the pure young mother, the true female, is a society doomed to dissolution.

Materialism. Material abundance and disordered sensory stimuli are controlled by the System, ergo making the human being addicted to matter and fashions will make him addicted to the System and also alienate him from the spiritual. Stripped of his spiritual side and love, but also stripped of his natural and animal side, of his fierce and fighting instinct, the modern human being becomes a wimp.


Aggressive promotion of dysgenesis, multiculturalism and all races but white in Western nations. The white race itself seems to be an obstacle to be removed. Immigration and multiculturalism are sacred cows, modern taboos that no one within the official system dares to question. Globalisation and its multiracial ideology have become the new dogma of our time. It is now revolutionary and heretical to talk about race, racial purity and fighting for the survival of your genetic code.