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Kalki Souvenirs et réflexions d'une aryenne (book)

Savitri quote

The leaders who have led, or will lead, some phase of the eternal struggle ‘against Time’ after the limit point where a last great recovery would still have been possible—after what Virgil Ghéorghiou calls ‘the twenty-fifth hour’—haven’t been able and won’t be able to leave behind them anything in this visible and tangible world, except a handful of clandestine disciples. And these have, and will have, nothing to look forward to—except the coming of Kalki… He who returns for the last time in our cycle has many names. But He is the same under all of them. Now He is known by His action, that is, by His victory over all followed by the dazzling dawn of the next cycle: the new Satya Yuga or Age of Truth. The defeat in this world of a Leader who fought against universal decadence, and therefore against the arrow of Time, is enough to prove that this Leader, however great he may have been, wasn’t Him. He may well have been Him in essence: the eternal Saviour not of man but of Life who returns innumerable times. But he was certainly not Him in the ultimate form in which He must reappear at the end of every cycle.

Adolf Hitler wasn’t Kalki although he was, essentially speaking, the same as the ancient Rama Chandra, Krishna or Siegfried: the Leader of a true ‘holy war’, of a ceaseless struggle against the forces of disintegration, the forces of the abyss. He was, like every great fighter against the current of Time, a forerunner of Kalki.

I think that the grandiose parades to the rhythm of the Horst-Wessel-Lied (the anthem of the NSDAP from 1930 to 1945), under the folds of the red, white and black swastika standard and all that glory that was the Third German Reich, are as irrevocably past as the splendours of prestigious Troy: as past and as immortal because one day Legend will recreate them when epic poetry is again a collective need. He who returns from age to age, both destroyer and preserver, will appear again at the very end of your cycle to initiate the Golden Age of the next cycle. As I have recalled in these pages, Adolf Hitler was waiting for him. He said to Hans Grimm in 1928: ‘I know that I am not the One who is to come,’ that is, the last and only fully victorious Man against Time of our cycle. ‘I only take on the most urgent task of preparation (die dringlichste Vorarbeit) for there is no one to do it.’

One incommensurably harder than he will accomplish the final task—the task of rectification—on the ruins of a humanity that believed all was permitted because it is endowed with a brain capable of calculations: a humanity that largely deserved its fall and loss.