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Below is the translation of just a footnote to one of the images in the article. This is an important diagram. Save it on your hard drives. Anyone wishing to read our abridged translation of this long article can do so in the appendix of The Fair Race (see sticky post).

This diagram shows and summarises the new racial classification from a phylogenetic point of view – in this case, from the evolution of the paternal lineages. It may be disseminated in any medium. It is forbidden to modify its content. It will be noted that in some branches we doubt which races to assign to them; Valg hopes to dispel a large part of these doubts through the anthropological-physical and genetic study of certain ethnic groups, especially in the Indo-Pacific region. Many important aspects of the early stages of evolution will be dealt with in the second part of the classification, devoted to the rest of the human races. Images of pure specimens belonging to the Khoisanid, Pygmy, Congid and Mongolid races have yet to be found. Some branches remain to be defined, for example C2 could correspond to an Australid race. This diagram will be updated as we make progress; the date of the last update is in the lower left corner.