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The West has lost

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“Coach Red Pill” is right, but he’s also wrong. First, let’s look at Lira’s record on this war: it has been abysmal. He predicted a short war that Russia would win and doubled, tripled, quadrupled down on it over the period of a year; I don’t think he’s ever offered a mea culpa for his consistently wrong calls.

In this case, imo, he is correct that the world wants to de-dollarize; Saudi just announced they want to do this which would end the petrodollar system, and he is correct that a multipolar world will result in trillions of dollars flowing back into the US, leading to a hyper inflationary collapse.

Where is he wrong is that this isn’t part of globohomo’s overarching plan. This Zerohedge article lays out the logic, but basically the point of de-dollarization is to trigger a hyperinflationary collapse, in order to usher in the era of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs):


The collapse will be a false Hegelian dialectic: cause the hyperinflationary collapse, make everyone desperate, then offer them a fake “solution” to their fake “crisis” which only benefits globohomo.

Once CBDCs are instituted and the cash economy is withdrawn, there will be no more cash black market economy, globohomo can track every transaction you make on the blockchain ledger, and they can limit what you can buy with your credits or cut you out of your funds with the push of a button. Pure, unadulterated worldwide tyranny, coming soon to all of us.

I don’t believe in this scenario at all.

One of the things I find most paranoid in racialist forums is that they believe that Jews and white traitors play a three-dimensional super-chess game, and that they have it all under control and all premeditated, like the brief dialogue between Christopher Lee and Palpatine after the war of the clones in one of those idiotic things George Lucas filmed.

The ‘real reality’, as I call it in my soliloquies, is that the people in power are as Neanderthals as the average normie. They have no IQ superior to the man on the street in the slightest. In matters of economics for example, anyone who knows the Austrian school (not the economic pseudo-science taught in the universities) will see that what the western nations are doing economically is similar to the irresponsible dude who goes into debt and starts paying off his Mastercard debts with Visa.

The inconceivable stupidity of all western elites is at that level, really.

Then there is the question of energy devolution, which Gonzalo mentions and which almost nobody understands. For years now I have been trying to get some visitors to take Chris Martenson’s free crash course, which has been on YouTube for many years. But they don’t. In short, no western government can implement successfully any post-crash scenario with energy devolution. It’s a complete physical impossibility.

Among the racialists, only Sebastian Ronin saw this, especially the peak oil thing, and he prophesied, correctly I think, that when fate catches up a window of opportunity will open for us.

I just wondered about this.

If they (the neanderthals in charge) are so stupid, how is that they have any power at all power?

I find hard to believe that Germany and Hitler lost to these kind of idiots, unless of course they overwhelmed her by sheer numbers and shady economic boycotts alone.

Have you heard the American senators speak? Don’t they seem absolutely stupid, with an IQ identical to the rest of the Neanderthals? I can say the same about European politicians. Have you heard them speak? The presidents themselves are stupid. Remember George W. for example.

What empowers them is simply the System. It’s like the schools where I was tormented as a child. The fact that the teachers had absolute power over me, to the extent of deciding my future (by failing me for example), doesn’t make them smarter than me. The System simply empowered them.

With politics it is exactly the same. Or do you think Nancy Pelosi is smarter than us because she has infinitely more power? What about AOC or Kamala Harris?

I remember George Bush and he seemed like an absolute moron to me (even when I was a kid), but I’ve always thought that was superficial. How could such an idiot be in charge of so much power? That couldn’t be true. He must be smarter behind scenes.

But if the system itself is the one enpowering them over those who are truly capable, then I guess we are following the J-Christian mantra of:

“The last shall be first and the first last”

The powers may want an overarching tyranny but they won’t get it. The system is collapsing slowly in upon itself. Case in point. I have very limited internet access atm because my provider (phone company) can’t manage to fix it… for 4 months now. The techs all say the equipment is old, they can’t get spare parts anymore and they probably will not be able to fix it without major equipment upgrades on their end (not going to happen.) This is in a major metropolis and not out in the boonies. You can’t have a techno-tyranny if you can’t even keep the lights on and phones running reliably.

I took a hit on my comment about Adam Green, but didn’t make it back n time to counter-comment. Well, given that these operatives are involved in conspiracy, they simply aren’t going to tell the truth. Take a minute and read an article or two on Mr Green off this site:


Also Renegade Tribune has had his number for quite awhile too.

His whole game is an act, and most of his guests are suspect too. He just keeps legitimizing catholics/eastern orthodox (keeps going on the crucible which is hardcore orthodox)

He just keeps legitimizing catholics/eastern orthodox

Please, quote Green directly when he (purportedly) legitimises Catholics or Eastern orthodox Xtians.

I think a healthy dose of skepticism is critical especially w/ characters like mr green. I know you agree because you keep questioning my suspicions about him. Ok then. Here you go: Know More news Exposed (youtube channel) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9HoA4YkH7w
The list is long. I dont expect you to take an anonymous posters word. Just check it out. My Opinion: The man is running a game on us. PS He joined twitter in “April 2015” and never lost his account

Didn’t I speak clearly enough?

Provide a direct quote from Green in which he says he supports Catholicism or the Eastern Orthodox Church (I don’t have time to watch 13-minute videos in search of a direct quote) !

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