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Evropa Soberana, backup 14

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Translation of one of the final quotations from the article:

Christianity – and this was its greatest merit – subdued to some extent the brutal warlike ardour of the Germans, but it could not break it entirely, and when the Cross, that restraining talisman, falls to pieces, then the ferocity of the ancient fighters, the frenzied berserker fury of which the Norse poets have said and sung so much, will be released again. The talisman has rotted, and the day will come when it will crumble painfully into dust. The old stone gods will then rise from the forgotten ruins, and wipe from their eyes the dust of centuries, and Thor, with his giant hammer, will rise again. When you hear the tread of boots and the clash of weapons, ye sons of his neighbours, be on your guard… perchance he will unleash himself upon you.