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Editor’s note:

I have just added an update to my post yesterday on Adam Green’s videos, which corroborate, based on pronouncements by orthodox rabbis, our main thesis, so well explained by Evropa Soberana’s essay on Judea vs. Rome.

Countless times I have mentioned that essay on this site, which I call the ‘masthead’ of The West’s Darkest Hour although I am not the author, but a retired Spaniard (or departed, since he hasn’t resurrected his site after it was cancelled).

Here is my translation of the opening paragraph with which Soberana begins his master essay on Judea vs. Rome, which he posted in several posts of which the link above is only the first:

In the third part, Christianity and the Fall of the Roman Empire, we will look at processes that marked the early development of Christianity, that strange synthesis of Jewish and Greco-Decadent mentality that, from the East, devoured the classical world to the bone, undermining Roman institutions and the Roman mentality to the point of its total collapse. However, we will begin by focusing on the Roman provinces in the East, especially Judea, which were seized by Rome from the heirs of Alexander the Great. What were Greek-Jewish relations like? What role did the Romans play in Asia Minor and the management of the Jewish problem? What are the real roots of Israel and the current instability in the Near East? It will be worthwhile to expand on the subject to familiarise oneself with the basis of what is today the biggest geopolitical conflict on the planet.