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Adam Green

I just received this comment on the previous post:

Cesar, have you watched Adam Green of Know More News’ takedowns on Christianity, arguing it’s a Jewish scam? He makes many of the same points you make but in video format, posting lots of video evidence as well. If you haven’t seen him I think you’ll like his stuff [two links].

On Adam Green’s Twitter account, I clicked on the video of the pinned tweet and I’m looking at this video. I am liking that Green sees Christianity as an extension of JQ (I wish white nationalists would pay attention to this guy).

I think tonight I’ll watch the rest of the video…

11:30 pm. I’ve watched it. In another of Green’s videos we can even see several rabbis confirming it!

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Update 18 January

See my exchange with JR1C in the comments section. I’ll be watching Green’s videos. As JR1C says: they are a perfect complement to what we’ve been saying here with purely Aryan sources (e.g. Evropa Soberana’s literary legacy).

But with this corroboration from the orthodox rabbis themselves of our thesis, that Christianity is a psyop created by 1st-century rabbis, the support for our main thesis has been strengthened.

For those unfamiliar with what we have said here on the subject, see my quotations from David Skrbina’s book.

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After 1:17: ‘The Jews snared and trapped the gentiles by worshipping the Jewish god’ says Adam Green quoting Scripture, ‘It is all right there’.

Yes, Adam Green is a nice conjunct with your work because he approaches it from the exact opposite angle as you do — i.e. instead of Hitler, Nietzsche and other far-right figures arguing it, he quotes Jewish scripture itself and then shows video after video of *Orthodox Rabbis* themselves confirming it! It really is unbelievable to see these Rabbis confirming it. You’ll notice they all do it with this kind of conspiratorial mischievous tone, like they’re letting you in on a big secret — from what it seems it’s an initiatory secret as part of their mystery cult, i.e. they have to study the Talmud past a certain point and be a Rabbi for the “secret” to be revealed to them.

Also, I had no idea that Gamaliel, the head of the Sanhedrin who trained Paul in his ways, both “holds a reputation in the Mishnah for being one of the greatest teachers in all the annals of Judaism” and he is also a Saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church – how crazy is that?


Thank you for this information. I am so repulsed by Jewry that I don’t see their primary sources, such as what the rabbis say. But it is great that someone is doing the work to read them.

It would be ideal if Green would publish article after article in The Occidental Observer. But American white nationalists are like the Russian Orthodox you mention who hold Gamaliel as a saint.

It’s amazing the level of doublethink the racial right will go to in order not to question the idiotic Judeo-Christian beliefs of their parents. I’m so angry that I’m already a month away from visiting any of their ‘racial right’ forums.

If you have commented on this site under another pen name, it doesn’t matter, you are welcome.

I have only watched his most recent video on Odysee, so I can’t say for sure at this point, but I’m mightily afraid he’s one of those cucks that rave against Christianity as a religion without realising the current secular values to be wholly Christian in nature, too. I skimmed through the comments, and the folks there are quoting Bible verses – while it would have been much more offensive to talk about the unfinished Holocaust, the Hellstorm against Germany, and the modern transvestites and miscegenation. (I already saw one commenter blame the Jews for being “hateful” – precisely the cuckoldry I have in mind.)

I never dared to write this on your blog, but in line with my contempt for the Christcucks in their treatment of non-Whites (including Jew Jesus), I also harbour hatred for those people who cannot conceive of Usama bin Laden’s motive to conduct the terrorist attack of 9/11. It’s not merely their denigration of the Arabs’ ability and intelligence (race & IQ aside), it’s also their utter incomprehension of the concept of vengeance (Hitlerian Vergeltungswaffen and the Holocaust fit the bill, too).

Additionally, this nonsense has roots in the Christian lie of how “all humans are the same as we are”. How all humans allegedly want peaceful sky. What rubbish! Out of the ruins of Iraq, ISIS rose for a brief moment – and isn’t that an admirable result of 9/11?

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