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Dad and the queen

My father with Queen Elizabeth when she visited his music school in 1975 (the photo is of poor quality because it’s a newspaper clipping).

One reply on “Dad and the queen”

Quite the honor, I suppose, to be graced by the presence of the “representative” of the English roses.
Queen “Lilibet” was fond of visiting the inferior races, and Mexico was already a cucaracha shithole even back in the 70’s.
Guess what – one week after visiting your father’s school, she went back to Britain and knighted that anti-Nazi kike comedian Charlie Chaplin.

British royalty has been disgracing itself and the White race since WW1. The only redemption it had in the whole 20th century was in the form of Edward VIII, who was an anti-Semitic Nazi sympathizer.

Today in 2022, the King’s son had two mulatto children with a half-nigger kikess. The entire House of Windsor deserves to be wiped out for allowing this racial crime.

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