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Wish I could do more and will try to pitch in when I can. Have followed your work for some time and appreciate all the work you have done over the years. I hope that you are able to continue to share your content and the wonderful works you are able to translate and share with a wider audience.

The Christianity Question must be addressed. Your work is crucial for that. I started my journey many years ago. It’s taken many different avenues through the years but I’ve ended up at the CQ each time. Hence, both in concert with and because of your work, your insight and your research, I always find myself back on the same path with you, and am in step with you in many respects.

I understand the CQ is a hard realization for people but it must be done. It is the last hurdle to overcome, and the greatest and most painful for many. Your work is absolutely necessary exposure and a one-of-a-kind resource for those who are capable (and willing) to seek the wisdom of our ancestors. And even after settling one’s position on it, we then have to deprogram ourselves, detox and recover from this venom. It’s much easier to share this burden knowing that others tread the same path.

I’m confident that as we stir these old, ancient ashes, and tend to these small embers we have left, we will one day see them grow once again to a mighty inferno.

Hail Victory,

Coel Hen