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WDH – pdf 435

THIS is the last PDF I’m uploading to this new incarnation of WDH, thanks to a comment from Concerned Lurker who informed me that someone had been saving, also in PDFs, some of the content of my site.

As I don’t know how to crunch PDFs in half in Photoshop, above I linked a PDF containing five entries that already appeared in the previous PDF (see WDH – pdf 434): ‘Hitler’s Religion: Chapter 3’, ‘The shadow of Amara’, ‘Hitler’s Religion: Chapter 2’, ‘Mantra post’ and ‘Hitler’s Religion: Chapter 1’.

Of the 435 PDFs uploaded here—the first PDF reproduces 2011 articles—, this is the only one that has repeated entries, although the upper five entries of #435 don’t appear in #434.

It is already midnight. Tomorrow I will upload the last two entries that, by June 8th, appeared in the now-censored incarnation of WDH (but which I had fortunately saved in Word).

2 replies on “WDH – pdf 435”

Hello Mr. Tort,

Thank you for acknowledging my input about preserving the WDH site. I offer a clarification; my apologies if I’m stating what you’re already aware of:

The Internet Archive as I understand it (I know very little about IT-related matters) maintains what is essentially an almost complete copy of a website in its original form or at least as much of a website as possible, based on various factors I guess.

In other words, what’s on the Internet Archive is a largely complete mirror of the WDH site, not just a handful of your entries and not in PDF format.

I just visited the WDH on the IA site at about 10:15 EST and it’s preserved with what the IA calls a “snapshot” up to June 7 2022.

If you go to:


and put your mouse cursor on the June 7 date you’ll see a box appear showing that a snapshot of the site was taken at 3:27 PM and 21 seconds, which is displayed as “15:27:21”. If you click on that “15:27:21” it’ll take you to the WDH mirror and you can navigate around it like it’s still on the internet.

As I asked before, I hope it’s possible to save this WDH mirror in its entirety and upload it to a new host.

I’ve been checking out that ‘mirror’ site and it’s not an exact mirror of WDH. For example, in ‘older entries’ it jumps back horrors, eating a bunch of entries. Even the categories I checked on the ‘mirror’ you mention omits many entries. That’s why I saved those hundreds of PDFs each containing ten entries. The problem is that in my PDFs the comments are not visible.

What we need is for the technician who saved what WP allowed me to export to see if the comments were saved in that backup. But only until tomorrow I will contact the technician again.

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