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The end of the American Century

Editor’s note: Since 2011 we have been predicting on this blog that the dollar is going to collapse. Ten years ago, as far as I remember, only another racialist blog used to mention the subject regularly (Mindweapons in Ragnarok). Now we see it everywhere, even on racialist forums where semi-normies comment. In the closing paragraphs of ‘The War in Ukraine Marks the End of the American Century’ published in The Unz Review, Mike Whitney tells us the following:

______ 卐 ______

Did you catch that part about ‘Russia winning the economic war’? What do you think that means in practical terms?

Does it mean that Washington’s failed attempt to maintain its global hegemony by ‘weakening’ Russia is actually putting enormous strains on the Transatlantic Alliance and NATO that will trigger a re-calibration of relations leading to a defiant rejection of the ‘rules-based system’?

Is that what it means? Is Europe going to split with Washington and leave America to sink beneath its $30 trillion ocean of red ink?

Yes, that’s exactly what it means.

Uncle Sam’s 30 Year Bender.

Proponents of Washington’s proxy-war have no idea of the magnitude of their mistake or how much damage they are inflicting on their own country. The Ukraine debacle is the culmination of 30 years of bloody interventions that have brought us to a tipping point where the nation’s fortunes are about to take a dramatic turn-for-the-worse. As the dollar-zone shrinks, standards of living will plunge, unemployment will soar, and the economy will go into a downward-death spiral.

Washington has greatly underestimated its vulnerability to catastrophic geopolitical blowback that is about to bring the New American Century to a swift and excruciating end.

1 Reply on “The end of the American Century

  1. Here in Portugal, gasoline prices have gone over 2 euros per liter.
    That’s a milestone.
    People here say it’s caused by the Ukrainian war “destabilizing the market”. I tell these idiots it’s because Murka won’t let Europe trade with Russia; if the Russians could sell us their oil and gas, the prices would return to normal. But that would make the Murkan “paper slip with dead presidents” become worthless.
    He who controls Europe, controls the “spice”. And the spice must flow…

    I do hope the nukes start flying. But I’m afraid this supposed Russian “Fall Weiss” is turning into an analogous version of a violent annexation of the “Russian Sudetenland”, and will probably fizzle out into an armistice later this year.