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Free speech / Free press

Taken down!

My site ‘The West’s Darkest Hour’ which was hosted by WordPress has been axed a few moments ago.

Although I will be appealing the decision, I believe I will be posting articles here from this accident onwards.

If you want to donate in these dark times, please do it…

5 replies on “Taken down!”

I was deeply saddened when I saw “… is no longer available” on the screen… such a shame. Good thing you backed up all the wisdom in there.

All the valuable information of your website gone.

Freedom of the press …but only for those who own and control it.

Well, not entirely gone, only the old links will be broken. As Vlad Tapes said above, everything (except the comments from late 2018 to this day) are backed up in the PDFs of this site (check up the numbered PDFs).

Today I’ll see if I can find someone fluent in WordPress code if he can modify this site to look similar to my old WP site. We’ll see…

Just donated. Please let us know what we can do to assist you. You’ve put in far too much work over the years and have my utmost respect.

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