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Throne revisited

Three years ago, on 19 May 2019, the finale of Game of Thrones, ‘The Iron Throne’, premiered. Because of how popular this HBO series became among normies, I’ve tried to use Tyrion’s message in the finale about the stories we tell ourselves.

What strikes me most is that the story being told by American white nationalists is, like the story told to the plebeian German under the Nazi regime, the story that the Jews wrote for our consumption, the New Testament: a story where the heroes and protagonists are Jewish.

It reminds me that I recently watched the special edition DVD of the 1959 film that won so many Oscars: Ben-Hur. Commenting on the opening of the film with images from Nazareth, Charlton Heston was talking to another film pundit, who remarked that the people in red clothing were the ‘bad guys’ of the movie, i.e. the Romans. It was implied that the good guys were the Jews!

It is alarming that American racialists keep coming up with these stories in which the Aryans are the bad guys and the Jews the good guys, as if telling us such stories had nothing to do with the empowerment of the Jews in the West!

Never mind that Game of Thrones is rubbish (I criticised each of the 73 episodes in On Beth’s Cute Tits). What matters is my use of the finale to say something that reminds me of Goethe’s words: The hardest thing to see is what is in front of you.

And indeed, today’s racialists, unlike Hitler, are unable to see what is right under their noses: that to tell us a Jewish story for two thousand years is pure poison for racial preservation, and that the first thing we must do is to tell us the Aryan story.

2 Replies on “Throne revisited

  1. In many respects, white nationalism and the priesthood of the 14 words represent opposing views on the subject of the stories we have been telling ourselves for a couple of millennia.

    The latest article in The Occidental Observer, for example, informs us that Catholic Giles Corey’s book, with the imprimatur of a preface by Kevin MacDonald, is now available as a PDF. I have just left a comment at TOO which at the time of writing this update is in moderation:

    The end of the book Daybreak (a collection of racialist articles) contains a critical review of the preface to Corey’s book. See pages 289-303 of this Daybreak PDF.

    If there are white nationalists who read MacDonald’s preface, I hope they will have the decency to read that final article of my Daybreak.