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Christian art Currency crash

Anglin celebrates Easter

‘The Jews murdered God’, writes Andrew Anglin in The Daily Stormer, ‘but He rose again’.

Fortunately, Christian Anglin has all his savings in Bitcoin. That means that when crypto-currencies crash, he and other white nationalists who believe in cryptos, and who suffer from schizophrenia (such as that a gospel written by Jews is good news for Jew-wise Aryans), will be fleeced. This will happen once the longed-for day comes that we have been prophesying on this site since 2011: the collapse of the American dollar.

2 replies on “Anglin celebrates Easter”

Aryan christians are worshiping a jew, their blood enemy, and there’s just no way around that.

Of course, worshipping a dead imaginary Jew that “dies” for your sins, and a holding a Jewish god to be your god despite being non-Jewish and Aryan are the ultimate twin manifestation of Psychosis. A future Aryan socio-political order would celebrate the mass burning and destruction of bibles, liturgical books, Gospel books and other associated Christian trash in the future.

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