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Superbia at Unz’s

How the racial right has blinded itself in the US to what is happening doesn’t stop surprising me. Here we see the latest responses from Robert Morgan in a discussion thread about a recent article by Gregory Hood at The Unz Review:

Gregory Hood: Media power determines what is politically possible. Politicians dare not move outside the boundaries of “respectable” debate.

Robert Morgan: Seems dubious. Notice that it was “politically possible” for the USA to engage in a ruinous Civil War to free the negro and make him the white man’s legal equal long before the media attained its current omnipresence, or academia its current influence. Therefore, it seems to me that there is at least as strong an argument that public sentiment determines what’s possible to put in the media as the reverse. The current racial situation should be seen as only the logical working out of the mistaken premise that significant racial differences don’t exist; and this was the premise upon which the liberation and enfranchisement of the negro was based. For many reasons, the white man would rather double down on that than admit he was wrong.

In other words, the sin of pride is killing white Americans and even racialised whites are unable to question the religion of their ancestors: a religion involved at the root of today’s scale of values. To another commenter Morgan replied thus:

Christian fanatics such as Tom DiLorenzo (he’s an economist by the way, not an historian) have a vested interest in obscuring the cause of the American Civil War, since it was precisely Christian fanaticism that provided the moral driving force for starting it. In reality, the Civil War was yet another war of one Christian sect against another.

The levels of dishonesty reach the point of delirium because these racialist Christians want to have it both ways: the religion of their parents and their little white nationalist ideology. The exchange continues:

Cleburne: The war was fought neither to retain slaves, nor to “free” them.

Robert Morgan: Arrant nonsense, of course, and in contradiction to what the participants in the war said about their motives themselves. Also, anyone who is stupid enough to believe this must think that it was a complete accident that at the close of the war the slaves were freed and then made into citizens equal to whites. Yes, just as this Cleburne moron says, that was completely unrelated! LOL.

This is a deep part of the problem I mentioned in my initial comment on this thread, above in #9. After they fought a war to liberate the slaves, the Christian white people of that time calmly and methodically decided to make them citizens and give them the vote.

Even today, such people can’t face the fact that their religious lunacy has led them into error. Imagine, in order to do so, they’d have to consider their Christian notions of human equality foolish, and themselves fools for believing it! They’d have to realize that Lincoln was not “one of America’s greatest presidents” after all, but rather the villainous author of all their current racial misfortunes!

This is just too big a leap for whites to take. They’d rather double down on their delusions than face the fact they’ve been in error for a century and a half, wasting trillions of dollars and countless white lives in trying to make negroes into worthwhile members of their society. This is the key unaddressed problem of so-called white nationalism: How to make white people admit they made a mistake.

My italics! What Christian racialists lack is a little humility. I abandoned Christianity, leftist ideologies, a New Age cult and white nationalism out of humility to face bare facts. What all these people suffer from is pride, the original sin to speak in their language. (Only the collapse of the dollar has the potential for at least some of them to start thinking more clearly.)

5 Replies on “Superbia at Unz’s

  1. It is easier to deceive someone than it is to convince them they’ve been deceived.

    If American Racialists can’t face the truth and admit their colossal mistake from one and a half centuries ago, how can White Christians around the world admit their astronomical mistake from twenty centuries ago?

    1. It reminds me something I’ve read from the Harry Potter books.

      It is far easier to forgive others for being wrong than being right.

      Americans won’t accept their mistakes until they really feel the consequences of them, which is what they are going to do once the dollar collapses.

    2. The word ‘semi-normies’ you used in another thread is perfect to describe the white nationalists who comment on their forums.

      A visitor looking at all those threads on Ron Unz’s webzine in which Morgan participates would see the incredible foolishness of the patriotards in wanting to exculpate American Christianity and subscribe to neo-Marxist views of their history by trying to reduce the motive for the Civil War to purely economic motivations.

      And indeed: ‘It is easier to deceive someone than it is to convince them they’ve been deceived’. I mentioned a ‘New Age cult’. My teachers of Eschatology were more willing to die of diseases that could have been prevented than to acknowledge that William Walter’s dogmas on health were wrong. The blow to the ego of recognising that we were deceived by joining a cult is such that, instead of seeing things with humility, one rides the ‘rack of pride’ until the laws of Nature destroy us (both of my teachers are dead).

      Telling these things autobiographically, that I observed for decades, prepared me to see the pitfalls of white nationalism.

  2. Hey, I’m glad you’re posting again on Occidental Dissent! You need larger audiences indeed. Thank you.