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  1. First of all, this is a site solely and exclusively for true believers in the 14 words. If you are one of them, but don’t understand why we doubt that Jewry is the primary cause of Aryan decline, study this article carefully, including what we say in its links.

    If you are a new visitor, due to a couple of stalkers who, using sock puppet accounts, troll this site, you will need (1) a legitimate email address, and (2) a non-proxy IP. To verify that your email is legit, write to us at:


    Only after reading your email, where you must enter the unique name (or pen name) you will use when commenting, your application to open an account to comment here might fly. But you still have to pass our software test that you aren’t using a proxy IP. Otherwise, we won’t even read the comments that go straight to the spam filter.

    If you are an old visitor and, for some reason, you don’t see your comment approved after a day or so, don’t panic. Just write to us at the email above please.

    Regarding why the books on the sidebar are unavailable in print at the moment, due to political incorrectness our printer has deplatformed us. For this site to flourish we need a printer that won’t censor our content. Some printers tolerate so-called ‘questionable content’ but it costs money. For the moment, PDFs of our books are still available on the sidebar.

    If The West’s Darkest Hour, hosted by WordPress, is also censored, visit the backup which is in English and in German. Thank you for your patience and contributions!


    For the donation button, see the bottom of this page. We still have a PayPal account. But we also accept Bitcoin and Monero.