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Bed of roses

In the mornings, after a good few hours of resting the brain, the mind is in a pristine state; and if we skip breakfast for coffee, our best thoughts come to us philosophers with extraordinary lucidity. On my morning walk to warm up this winter, one of those thoughts came to me again, albeit in a more focused way.

We have been saying on this site that the moralistic framework that whites inherited from Christianity is the cause of their decline. The idea that again came to me this morning is that we could compare that framework to an operating system that, at its core, is malware that inverted our values (recall what we have been saying about the Gospel of Mark from which the other three Gospels and even the so-called Acts of the Apostles were derived).

Left, book by Pope. Note how the old painting depicts Mark the Evangelist as a non-white.

If that operating system or Christian Question (CQ) is the basis of all evil, it is very easy to understand the Jewish Question (JQ). Once the operating system installed in the minds of whites is malware, all subversive programs loaded onto that operating system fall on a bed of roses. In other words, everything that Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique complains about flourishes in the most fertile soil imaginable if the soil is fertilised with Christian ethics.

That’s why we say that the JQ is a secondary issue, and that the primary issue is that damned malware installed on us by Semitic religionists and white traitors since Constantine, though only now has the malware of the mind reached its lethal metastasis.

Medicine is the transvaluation of Judaized values to National Socialist values. Attacking Jewry without attacking Christianity results in the ethnosuicide of E. Michael Jones, who doesn’t give a damn if Europeans become mulattoes as long as they are Catholic. Christian ethics induces even anti-Christian racialists to ethnosuicide! Recall #9 of this year’s first post: ‘No mercy and showing respect to the “right to a living space for all peoples”, as Varg Vikernes does’ (compare his stance with the opening essay of my Day of Wrath, recently censored by the printer Lulu).

In other words, it’s impossible to solve the JQ without first addressing the CQ. What the racial right does in North America and Europe (I am reminded of a conversation I had in London with the traditional Catholic Jez Turner, head person of the now-defunct London Forum) is to put the cart before the horse. It is hilarious that even anti-Christians who have commented here, such as Claudius, believe that it is I who put the cart before the horse when it is they who do it.

I have used mixed metaphors in this post, but it seems to me that the one about the operating system that is sunshine and flowers for subversive programs gives the idea of what we are talking about in The West’s Darkest Hour.

In a nutshell, no CQ no JQ.

6 replies on “Bed of roses”

History clearly shows that up to this point, none of the palliatives to cure the Christian fever has worked. In fact, many efforts have actually worked in reverse by increasing religion’s grip on the minds of the masses. The harder the anti-Christians have pushed concepts like “Jesus never existed” or “he was merely an amalgamation of other historical characters” or “there were many Jesus at the time, which one is the real Jesus?” Have had zero effect on the Christian masses.

Here is one of the latest attempts – Jesus was never crucified.

Julian Doyle is special effects editor for films, notably Monty Python and Terry Gilliam films. This book attacks the Gospel stories from a new angle by questioning the timeline of the crucifixion story, thereby dismissing the idea that Jesus was crucified.


The book’s timeline for the events of first century Judea:

“As these claims are so extreme we are forced to reveal here the timeline, the evidence for which is presented in the book. Aligning the writings of the Jewish historian, Josephus, with known dates of events in Rome, the book discerns glaring inconsistencies in the Bible story of the crucifixion. And from this is produced this extraordinary timeline that proves that Pontius Pilate could not have been involved in any way in the Crucifixion of Jesus. Simply the timeline shows a direct relationship between the death of John the Baptist in 34 AD and the death of the Emperor Tiberius in March of 37 AD.”


AD 26 – Pilate arrives in Judea. [date confirmed]

AD 34 – Herod’s brother Philip dies. [confirmed]

AD 34 – Herod divorces his first wife who returns to her father King Aretas of

AD 34/35 Herod now marries Philips’ ex-wife Herodias.

AD 34/35 The Baptist complains about this marriage.

AD 34/35 Herod arrests the Baptist.

AD 35 – Lucius Vitellius becomes legate of Syria. [confirmed]

AD 35 – Herod kills the Baptist.

AD 35/36 – Insulted King Aretas goes to war and wipes out Herod’s army.

AD 36 – Josephus writes the Jews thought the defeat was God’s revenge for the killing of John the Baptist. [confirmed]

AD 36 – Vitellius sacks Pontius Pilate who leaves Judea [confirmed]

AD 36 – Tiberius instructs Vitellius to take revenge on Aretas for the Herodian war.

AD 37 – Vitllius sets out to attack.

AD 37 – Tiberius dies (16th March) [confirmed]

AD 37 – Vitellius stops attack when news arrives of Tiberius death and waits for
instructions from Caligula. [confirmed]

AD 37 – Vitellius arrives back in Jerusalem to be welcomed by cheering crowds; he then cancels taxes and allows the Judean Priests custody over their own vestments, giving a period of peace. [confirmed]

AD 37 – In this period of peace Jesus practices his mission.

AD 38 – Jesus is killed.


Additionally, Doyle uses his professional work as the editor on the film ‘Monty Python’s Life of Brian,’ to examine the practicality of crucifixion. He claims, “When we attempted to crucify the Pythons, for the musical ending of the film, we realized it was impossible!”’

The effect this will have on Christians remains to be seen, but I suspect little if any, as it attacks and takes away the primary Christian tenet that the blood from Jesus’ crucifixion “washed away the sins of the world.” One obvious problem is the very idea of “Judaeo-Christianity.”

If one manages to eliminate Christianity, that still leaves the Jews and their two other “Abrahamic” religions, not to mention other non–Judaic religions Jews have either invented, like Universal Unitarianism, or infiltrated and co-opted, like western Buddhism that has in the past claimed disgruntled Christians.

Clearly Christianity was a Jewish invention as demonstrated by the defining term “Judaeo-Christianity;” a term used to group Christianity and Judaism together, either in reference to Christianity’s derivation from Judaism, Christianity’s borrowing of Jewish Scripture to constitute the “Old Testament” of the Christian Bible, or due to the parallels or commonalities in Judaeo-Christian ethics shared by the two religions, such as the ten commandments.

Therefore, if one does manage to destroy any of the Jews’ religious inventions while leaving the Jews intact, Jews will simply invent another religion to replace the one destroyed. This would be much like cutting off the head of a hydra that soon proliferates into yet more hydras.

So in the wake of two thousand years of Judaeo-Christianity wrecking the white world combined with Jewish influence behind virtually every historical scene of social destruction, beginning with Egypt, I wonder what your answer might be to resolving the Christian problem. One that might work within the present social framework.

Therefore, if one does manage to destroy any of the Jews’ religious inventions while leaving the Jews intact… would be much like cutting off the head of a hydra that…

This is why we talk about the transvaluation of all values as the medicine; not simply destroying Christianity (see link above).

I wonder what your answer might be to resolving the Christian problem. One that might work within the present social framework.

The problem with the white nationalists is that they are forfeiting internal jihad. To carry out external jihad, you first need to revalue the values that your parents instilled in you, through honest soliloquies in the silence of your bedroom: internal jihad.

Basically, what WNsts do is keep their parents’ operating system and try to add racialist or reactionary programs to it. Such a naive strategy won’t work. We need a real Nietzschean transvaluation, the most radical operation of the mind I can think of: substituting an operating system for another one (again, cf. what we say about ‘medicine’ in the above post).

I share you pessimism, Leroy. As a person who continues his transvaluation after twelve years, digging deeper down the embedded malware taproot to chop yet another inch off of it — mixed metaphor? –the picture of the Revelation 12 seven-headed dragon with ten horns comes to mind. (See how deep the malware taproot is?) “And all the peoples of the world worshipped the dragon.” Seems such a creature could be identified with Jewry and its overrepresentation in many and varied capitalist disciplines in life. Chop one head off and two more grow back in its place. Kind of like pruning a Mimosa tree.

C. T., I think your solution works on the exceptions to the rule. The latest example of group think, covid-19, shows the weakness of the masses for media propaganda. “Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin.” Really? Nature doesn’t care what one believes. Now, see the masses buying that succinct retort.

An example of emasculated values of christendom — secular, too — is the broadly accepted “truth” of the reflex catch phrase, “Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin.” How would a Viking think of such? My guess is more in the line of the Dixie Chicks song, “Earl’s gotta die.” I.e, what should be one’s reflex to an abuser? “Forgive him, give him time to change his ways.” Or, “Kill him, to rid the victim of ill’s source.” (The common view of psychology is that the abused should leave an abuser, since it’s unlikely that he’ll reform his bad behaviors.)

Transvaluation gives no place to Christ’s crucifixion as doing anything. Instead, the way to stop (remission) bad behavior is by killing the perpetrator (the shedding of his blood.) ( The central liturgy of the communion in the church is scripted in its ecclesiastical theater.)

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