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Evil Non-white immigration NS booklets

SS booklet, 10

‘Ten to fifteen children in one family was nothing unusual among our Germanic ancestors… This river of life must not dry up… The land of the Germans must again become the land of the children!’

______ 卐 ______

Just compare the above quote from Sieg der Waffen, Sieg des Kindes to what Joe Biden said in the US. Tucker Carlson quoted a clip where Biden craved for ‘an unrelenting stream of immigration’. But why, asked Carlson? ‘Well, Joe Biden just said it, to change the racial mix of the country’. And he added on Fox News: ‘That’s the reason: to reduce the political power of people whose ancestors lived here, and dramatically increase the proportion of [those] newly-arrived from the third world’.

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I’d rather decapitate Trump, on live television.
With one axe swing, I would destroy every idiotic hope of an ‘American Renaissance’ among the reactionary masses.

Where it is clear that the American racialist right is talkative is its inability to question democracy (compare them to Savitri …!). In the past elections we saw that some recommended voting for Trump, including KMD, and people like Richard Spencer for Biden.

I may be immodest, but it is clear to me that this is the only non-talkative site among them all. Or is there another?

“… and people like Richard Spencer for Biden.”

Richard Spencer shouldn’t be considered apart of any faction of the dissident Right. Spencer, without any irony, humor, or accelerationist premises, advocated for voting for Biden. At the height of Spencer’s momentum, he didn’t form a political party. Spencer is likely an asset of the pig system. He willingly allowed himself to be heckled at the University of Florida for over an hour and hardly gave anything that could be acknowledged as a “speech”. Can you imagine Rockwell allowing himself to be heckled for an entire hour at UCLA or Brown University? No, he would have left until the administrators allowed for a setting in which protestors wouldn’t be allowed within the proximity of the presentation (so that the speaker may actually be allowed to speak first before being subject to any form of ridicule). Spencer was admitted as a PhD candidate at the University of Duke, yet one young student who attended his Unite the Right was expelled from his University for merely waving a Confederate battle flag in protest of Southern statue desecration. It appears Spencer has been granted a certain immunity in the past, but like all assets, that “Get out of jail free” card expires (exp. “White Boy Rick” during the War on Drugs, the author of Iron Gates who has recently been confirmed an informant, and the FBI asset who formed the pig-system outfit “The Base”). In short, Spencer is just a Champagne Socialist dandy with a queerish intonation.

Also, could you please cite the sources of your booklet posts (the previous one)?

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