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Philosophical quackery – in German

I am pleased to announce that the 2013 article by Brazilian John Martinez, ‘On Philosophical and Religious Quackery’, has been translated into German and can be read in the German section of this site (here).

It is an important article. It exposes the quackery of all that Bertrand Russell called ‘wisdom of the West’ (in fact, Wisdom of the West is the title of one of Russell’s books I have read: an introduction to Western philosophy).

But Russell et al weren’t wise. There is nothing wise about what philosophers have been saying for millennia if we start serious thinking from the darkest hour of the West. If the ‘philosophers’ had been wise since ancient Athens, they would have warned us about the danger of interbreeding with the mudbloods of the Mediterranean.

John Martinez himself is, or was (I ignore if he’s still alive), a product of the three races of his native country. When he commented here it was clear that he was perfectly aware–unlike academic philosophers—of the havoc that miscegenation meant.

To make a tabula rasa of the so-called wisdom of the West, or rather to replace the unwise paradigm with National Socialism, is the only way ahead.

18 replies on “Philosophical quackery – in German”

His name was João Augusto Almeriz de Lima, he died of pancreatic cancer in 2019.

João Augusto A. de Lima and I belonged to the same “Neo-Nazi” organization. He was not exactly a close friend of mine but he had a good reputation.
“John Martinez” was one of the two alias he used inside the organization. After the death of “John Martinez” in 2019 we learned his real name.

[Update of 13 December 2021 – pic removed]

And how do you know that Martínez = Fernandes. Are we talking about the same guy that moved to London in 2014?

haha that’s the guy I knew.
I had no doubt that the “John Martinez” you’re talking about is João Augusto A. de Lima who unfortunately died in 2019.
I clearly remember a speech I heard from him in March 2018, a very intelligent articulated funny individual, though he didn’t look Aryan.


I met him personally in at least 8 occasions. What I remember is that John discovered the cancer in June-July 2018, and generally pancreatic cancer is only diagnosed in its late stages.
Since he didn’t have enough resources to pay for his treatment in UK, which is horribly expensive, he returned to Brazil in August 2018 and died in his homeland in November 2019, the exact day unfortunately I can’t remember.

Eight times? Brazil is a very big country. Did you guys live nearby? If you have a photo of the neo-Nazi group of Brazilians, it would be interesting to publish it.

And it would also be interesting to know if someone collected John’s texts. I wonder if someone recorded the speech you are talking about.

Also, what happened to his website? Even his Facebook page seems to have disappeared…

I received the e-mail, I don’t know his birthday but I’ll try to find out in the next days.

Brazil has far-right groups only in the South since the rest of the country is totally mongrelized.
John probably was born in Rio de Janeiro wich is pretty much an African metropolis, he moved to the South around 2008-09, I met him in the city of Curitiba probably in late 2010 or early 2011.
I was pretty young at that time. Since he was not from the South, with a different accent and dark features, I think most people saw him as an outsider though clearly he earned respect presumably because of his knowledge and good character.
As I said I was young and immature and didn’t take racialism too seriously at that time, my thinking was that white Americans certainly had some plan, very intelligent wise people, armed to the teeth in hundreds of militias, they knew what they were doing, that was my thinking.
What alarmed me was when I started reading right-wing sites from US, it was a shock. Far from being “intelligent and wise” those white Americans revealed themselves to be unbelievably stupid, naive, ignorant, childish, powerless, with cringe infantile infighting, with no plan at all. That was the time I began to understand the seriousness of the situation, the feeling of the impeding doom

I had some photos of that time, but it’s stored in a hidden pen-drive not even in my computers.

I was able to gather some informations regarding John Martinez. He was born João Augusto Almeriz de Lima in April, 24, 1978, in the city of Niterói (wich is near Rio de Janeiro) and died in the same city in November, 22, 2019.
His father died when he was a kid, his mother came from an upper middle class family, who probably afforded him a good education.
He was never married, but he had a son from some relationship, and curiously he named his son, John, in English. I think he liked the name.

The surname of his mother was Rocha Almeriz, apparently she is also dead, maybe in US they would call her “white latina.”
The son is around 7-8 years old, the surname of the mother is Miksza or Mikza or Miksa, sounds Polish. She’s also from Brazil but she and the kid are living somewhere in the UK.

His mother was from the city of Niterói, very few pure white people there. Apart the Southern part Brazil is as mixed as Mexico, the difference is amerindians in Mexico and negroes in Brazil.
The mother of his son is certainly white, John wouldn’t impregnate a mulatta.

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