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Aelia Capitolina


Jew-wise priests vs mere anti-Semites

Imagine what would happen if an ethnostate wiped Israel off the map and in the place of Tel-Aviv founded a new city filled with statues depicting the beauty of the Aryan race: a city that Jews would be forbidden to enter. What astronomical levels of resentment would diaspora Jews engender? What would be their verbal, or rather textual, response in the world of the Gentiles now that they have been defeated by arms?

In actual history this happened when Rome destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem, forbade the Jews to enter Jerusalem, and founded a new city on its ruins: Aelia Capitolina (those who haven’t read the masthead of this site, ‘Rome vs Judea; Judea vs Rome’, should do so now).

The point is that the original gospel of the Bible was written immediately after the catastrophe that 70 c.e. represented for Jewry! (Matthew and Luke would later edit Mark’s gospel—and even later John, who knew his predecessors’ texts, spun even more tales for his own gospel.)

Let’s not forget, as I have so often pointed out on this site by quoting Richard Carrier’s book on the sidebar, that Mark, the author of the original gospel that would inspire the other evangelists, attempted to transvalue Roman values through the fictional figure of Jesus by tracing the exploits of Romulus, the founding God of Rome, but twisting them in that all the heroes of his new gospel were Jewish.

What is really impressive is the chronology: the first gospel was written just after the fall of Jerusalem, which must have been truly apocalyptic for the Jewish mentality of the time.

If the alt-right, white nationalists, race realists or whatever you want to call them were honest, they wouldn’t overlook how the Jew’s endless hatred of the white man arose, and the way they tried to poison the soul of the Aryan through their gospels.

The anti-Semites aren’t Jew-wise. They are just anti-Semites, plain and simple. Savitri Devi was Jew-wise. She was aware of the level of subversion it meant, to the soul of the Aryans, for the latter to drink all the Kool-Aid [1] the Jew offered them starting with the stories that Mark invented.


[1] An American term for blind adherence to a bad idea.

5 Replies on “Aelia Capitolina

  1. It’s unrelated, Cesar, but days ago you allowed a troll with the handle “NC” to put a link where he ridiculously claimed that the Proto-Indo-Europeans AKA Yamnaya were Turks no less.
    I challenged the absurdity but he, unsurprisingly, didn’t allow my comment in his blog
    Unfortunately you’re a target to the internet’s most vile trolls.
    Dr. Morales. Adunai, Commandor, for example are always insulting and mocking you in Adunai’s blog yet your generosity allows them to pollute your blog.

    Sadly you don’t have a team behind you so you could be free to only think and write.

    1. There is another troll that I never let pass (unless he changes his penname and I don’t know it). I think this one comes from Ecuador, and under the insulting penname of “Su madre” (literally “Your mother”, I suppose an abbreviation of the Mexican insult “Chinga tu madre”) today he tried to post a comment that I did not even read, in this thread.

      What bothers this guy the most is that we are putting Christianity on the dock. Many times it has happened that nobody wants to comment on a specific post. The only comments that go to the spam filter come from ardent Christians. Moralez, for example, believes that the Shroud of Turin is miraculous.

      What is very difficult to find is someone who, like Savitri and I, believe that the corruption of the Aryan soul is the primary factor in white decline, and Jewry only a catalyst. Sometimes it irritates me so much that nobody wants to comment on a post that … I let a troll comment pass (LOL)!

      1. Most white nationalists blame everything on the Jews and claim that all Jews are evil yet they venerate the Rabbi Jesus character who did plainly state that, “Salvation is from the Jews.” At least the Catholic Church’s Supreme Leader finally proclaimed the obvious truth that “Inside every Christian is a Jew.”

  2. Not Mark, but agent Saul (Paul) most probably made the first move. He was most probably the first writer and editor of what was the beggining of New Testament. He was also literate and quite good educated (Gamaliel was his teacher). There are some strong clues by which these first texts could be written with the help of Gamaliel and Filo from Alexandria, namely Philo lived at that time and had the idea of merging the Helenistic knowledge and Jewish mythology. Also Philo came to Jerusalem and probably financed some of these activities.

    1. Paul’s theology didn’t conceive his Christ on Earth; he was a heavenly Christ who died in heaven and never set foot in Palestine or was judged by Pilate. You have to read Richard Carrier’s book.

      The first one to spin tales of an earthly Jesus who ate and slept in Galilee was Mark.

      If you can’t read Carrier’s book, at least watch his lecture, linked on the sidebar.