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Dumb Americans

Lately I no longer read what American white nationalists say. But I always check my spam tray and, as long as I am subscribed to articles from The Occidental Observer, before deleting them I usually see the first lines of the latest article published by that webzine. I no longer have the patience to read an entire article. So this day I only read the lead paragraph of ‘Jones vs. KMac: Spirit or Material? Toward a Synthesis’:

By now, healthy numbers of informed people are generally aware of the work of our editor Kevin MacDonald and traditional Catholic thinker E. Michael Jones. Much of their influence comes from the fact that both have devoted major portions of their careers to writing about what is absolutely the most pressing issue of our age: The Jewish Question.

The most pressing issue, really? Also, I only read a single comment, the one that appears at the top in the comments section:

In essence… it always was… and still is… a war on Christ!

Definitely, as Thomas Kuhn said, science advances at funerals while people who believe in the old paradigm (e.g., JQ monocausalism) have to die for the new paradigm (CQ) to gain momentum.

The saddest thing is that people older than those who write and comment on MacDonald’s webzine already knew the causes of Aryan decline. That remarkable SS pamphlet that mentions not only Jewry, but Christian churches and Gentile liberals comes to mind (and in the case of Savitri, this priestess of the holy words had a perfect notion of the role that Christianity had played in the darkest hour in which we live). The contrast between what the cream of Nazi power said and these dumb Americans cannot be greater.

As for myself, I will continue to translate Savitri’s book. At least I have already found a soulmate in the world after 1945. It’s curious, but the first time I visited England was precisely the year Savitri died there, in 1982. I was unaware that she existed! In the last of my autobiographical books I mention the anecdote that, in 1973, I asked in a bookstore if they had books ‘in favour of Nazism’. I say in my book that the person who attended me was stunned by my question, and he said no. I would never have imagined that it would take so long for me to find the books I was looking for. And who would have told me that they were written by a woman?

In the photo we see the bookstore where, as a teenager, I asked that. In recent years all that was demolished and in its place they built a huge building. Although I found a Spanish translation of Mein Kampf in that bookstore, I was looking for updates on Nazism: books written by my contemporaries. At the Madrid High School where I was studying, very close to the Librería de Cristal (‘Crystal Bookstore’ would be the translation), there was a classmate with Canary-yellow hair who admired Nazism. But I lost contact with Eduardo after the principal expelled us both because we were bad students of the silly program that these dumb refugees of the Francisco Franco regime taught us.

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I share your frustration. Before you give up on the standard “alt” fare, please take a look at Unz’ newest blogger, Raches. I sense a kindred spirit there and would be interested in your thoughts on what Raches has written thus far.

And thank you, thank you for translating more of Savitri for us. You are a precious soul.

Yes: I’ve met Raches here, and in the following comments at that long Unz Review thread (way below, here) he mentions me again.

In addition to debating Carolyn Yeager in that same thread, Raches said that he was not a National Socialist, although he held Hitler in high regard.

That contrasts with Savitri and myself, who want to create an Aryan salvation religion through Hitlerism.

Why salvation? Isn’t the idea of salvation from…???…the very essence of Christianity that it would be a blessed relief to escape from?

Perhaps I am not familiar enough with your ideas. I’d be grateful if you can point me toward any of your writings that distinguish between Christian and Aryan ideas of salvation. Again, thank you.

I’ve been following this site for about 2 years and what I still don’t understand is your obsession with these people. I hate Amerikwa and its inhabitants as much as you do. But in my opinion these saviour wannabes, these apes, should not be the worry of a priest of the 14 words for he should not bother himself with such bullshit. Also, as I recall, a priest should not speak to non-Aryans or non-Aryan mentalities. So don’t bother, leave them in their corner and let the chips fall where they may.

Technically you are right. But apparently you are European and I am American (of those who live south of the Rio Grande; not a US citizen).

These guys taught me to take the first baby steps at the psychological Rubicon crossing, from 2009… to about 2011 when I started criticising them.

The spam in my email is true. I read the first lines of what was left of them in the spam emails (MacDonald’s webzine only).

I have a character weakness: trying to engage them, adding thus some spice to the relatively dry translations of Savitri’s book (or Deschner’s when I finish with the priestess’ text).

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