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George Lincoln Rockwell Oracle of Delphi

Delphi vs. Tzu

Thanks, R.B. for your contribution this morning!

Two things have impressed me greatly about Commander Rockwell’s life: the series of dreams he had with Uncle Adolf, so well narrated in Pierce’s obituary, and the passage in the letter he sent to Savitri, quoted in my previous entry; especially his dreams. His words to the priestess, on the other hand, remind me of how I got into racialism.

Twelve years ago, I used to comment on a counter-jihad forum. For the editors of that forum, Ned May and his wife, the JQ was a complete taboo. Over time, the wife confessed in a comments thread that the couple lived off donations, and that they couldn’t afford to lose donors if they discussed the JQ. That sparked controversy, as others and I realised that the donors were Jewish, and how could a purported defender of the West defend the West if the JQ is verboten?

Commander Rockwell was unaware of it, but the same can be said of what he wrote to Savitri. How could a defender of the Aryan race intellectually defend Aryans if he’s forbidden to discuss the Christian question? (On my statistics page I see that recently two visitors clicked on the Judea versus Rome essay, which shows that the JQ and the CQ are the same thing.)

Yesterday I certainly felt a slight shock to see Rockwell’s words to Savitri. The positive part of the revelation is that I realise that the reason that my sponsors are so few is because I try to change the paradigm: from ‘Know the enemy’, the advice of the gook Sun Tzu, to ‘Know thyself’, the Aryan advice inscribed in the temple of Delphi.

5 replies on “Delphi vs. Tzu”

Is it implicit that the chink always knows himself, and thus only needs to know his enemies?

The Christians know themselves perfectly well. Never made a secret out of the heavenly Jerusalem, spiritual Jews, king of the kikes, turn the other cheek, god of love, etc.

Excuse me my Germanocentrism, but if the Germans had known themselves, they would have recognised their propensity to underestimate the enemy. They would not have given into the temptation of another aggressive war. This applies the most to the Prussian General Staff. I heard a thought that a Saxony-led Germany wouldn’t have been as brash and reckless.

But who in history was honest enough to know himself? The US founding daddies proclaimed their equality with the swarthy apes, and yet were too squeamish to let them take their daughters – at the time.

> ‘The Christians know themselves perfectly well’.

Exactly the opposite.

Nobody who believes in that knows himself, not even remotely.

Christian archetypes are diabolical, as described by Adso of Melek in one of the chapters of The Name of the Rose.

The knowledge that the Christian has of himself is analogous to the knowledge that the atheist of today has of himself: Guilt, guilt, guilt until my race dies.

Do the Faroese know themselves?

> More than 1,400 atlantic white-sided dolphins are killed during hunting in the Faroe Islands, the biggest ever slaughter in the history of the annual hunt known as the Grindadráp.

> There are now more than 300 women from Thailand and Philippines living in the Faroes. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but in a population of just 50,000 people they now make up the largest ethnic minority in these 18 islands, located between Norway and Iceland.

Fucking scum. Can’t say I’m against their own extinction, however. Yes, I hate the Christian idea, but its flesh-and-blood professors are its manifestations.

Regarding your comment, I thought you put a great emphasis on people choosing evil. Doesn’t it require self-knowledge as a prerequisite?

Knowing thyself, choosing evil… These are big concepts impossible to discuss in blog threads (only after reading From Jesus to Hitler could a reader have a clue of what I mean).

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