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Conspiracy theories

A WN take on 9/11

by James Dunphy

Conspiracy theorists believe that since many Jews have profited from 9/11, they were behind it. While Jews may have played leading roles in getting the US to simultaneously invade and invite the world, which resulted in part in 9/11, this doesn’t mean they played a direct role in it. Jews often pursue their own tribal goals to the detriment of the white majority.

They also disproportionately occupy the upper echelons of many white societies. This results in an uncomfortable relationship between them and their white host population, so they seek to make alliances with other minority groups, such as Africans, but also with those who don’t even yet live in the nation by opening the borders. This is what Jews on the American Jewish Committee did when they supported Emanuel Celler’s lifelong mission of opening America’s borders to non-whites, which culminated in the 1965 Immigration Act.

For their part, Zionist Jews use the US as Israel’s muscle in the Middle East. This angers Muslims, whom their Leftist brethren have been inviting into the US. This in turn leads to mass murder and chaos. By pursuing their own sectarian agendas, Jews bring about this chaos. Worst of all, they capitalize on the fear terrorist attacks elicit by using the FBI and Homeland Security to target peaceful Trump supporters and white advocates. Jews always seem to thrive in an environment of low-level chaos where they can manipulate the unsuspecting white public in a direction favorable to Jews. This doesn’t mean, however, that they play a direct role in events such as 9/11.

Ultimately, Osama bin Laden, KSM, Ramzi Yousef, and their followers failed to accomplish the three points of Yousef’s manifesto. America’s diplomatic ties with Israel remain strong. Following 9/11, evangelicals became even more pro-Zionist, viewing Ashkenazi Jews as racially and religiously closer to them than their Palestinian neighbors. This seems to have waned in the past decade, though, as the Internet is red-pilling a lot of Christians about the dubious theology and history of Christian Zionism.


Read it all at Counter-Currents (here).

13 replies on “A WN take on 9/11”

9/11 is only important to those who identify with Murika. The same way as USS Liberty. “Those pesky Jews have betrayed us!” Duh, working with Jews leads to funny places. Colour me surprised.

Although I’m not denying that the libtards did forget what having a foreign enemy feels like after the collapse of the USSR. I’d even say that the blood libel on the Jews stems from a general denigration of Muslims – i.e., those sandniggers can’t make history, whereas Jews are omnipotent, ergo it must have been the Jews.

See the general consensus among the schizos that ISIS was a Mossad ploy. And that China is a Jewish golem. As if Israel were the size of a continent.

I’m French, I don’t know much about the attacks on September, 11, but there are some things that are at least very suspicious. How could semi-literate muslims hit he two buildings with such precision? Boeings 767 are not bicycles.

One of the things that burns my liver is that those who defend the truthers never try to respond to what we have been saying.

For example, that they cannot handle airplanes is answered in the documentary of my third link of my previous post!

To date, no one who is sympathetic to 911 conspiracy theories has responded, say, to what the ‘young British man’ referred to in my recent posts said in his video about Building 7, supposedly the truthers’ strongest argument.

And I am not an American either!

I’ve watched the first ten minutes of that video, they put a black woman apparently controlling the Cessna’s yoke, it was as expected amateurish.
They gathered, unsurprisingly, 5 idiots, three women, a black man and a crude hillbilly to show YouTubers in 50 minutes, amid jokes and cheerful music, that the official story is totally reliable.

[Responding to commenter PD:]

Agree. They had their fingerprints all over it, it fits their MO and they benefited enormously from it. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, there’s every reason to conclude it’s a duck.

I love this site – it’s one of my absolute favourites. But I find it surprising and odd that anyone who is prepared to think that Hitler was right (a view with which I whole-heartedly agree, and that requires a high degree of independent thought) is not prepared to consider alternative models of JFK and 911. I can only think that they’ve not looked into these events sufficiently.

Intelligence is not just IQ but judgment, as I said in my Wednesday post ‘On Ron Unz & 911 truthers’.

From this POV, there is no really intelligent person in the WN movement who believes that Mossad orchestrated the attacks. Not a single one.

Which is why I am pleased that Counter-Currents published the above article, or that The Occidental Observer was silent yesterday about 911 on his webzine.

If what you say is true, Kevin MacDonald, who specialises in Jewish depredations, would have published something in the 20th anniversary of the attacks.

Anyone who doesn’t know that ((((they))) did 911 needs to read Masters of Deception by Zander Fuerza. link

And anyone who automatically discounts “conspiracy theories” (whatever they are) needs to read the works of the great Michael Collins Piper, which you can find free online.

Another splendid example of what I was saying yesterday: No truther to date has answered (say) the Brit’s arguments about Building 7. They just regurgitate dogma with flat statements. That’s why a few days ago I closed another discussion thread as soon as the flat statements began.

If you want to comment again, watch the videos linked in my last reply to commenter PD, right above your comment.

I don’t understand your argument. What has Building 7 got to do with the theory that (((they))) did 911? I don’t care about Building 7. I do care about the 5 dancing israelis who were allowed to leave the US despite clearly having foreknowledge, the sayanim network, Dominik Suter and Urban Moving Systems, the Israeli art students, Daniel Lewin of the sayerat matkal, the history of jewish terrorism and false flags (eg the attempt to frame Egypt for the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty), the numerous zionist jews in key places within the US political and security structure, etc. They had means, motive and opportunity and I find it very odd that any intelligent person interested in reality would dismiss this theory without serious investigation. Why not read the book I linked or the Bollyn book “Solving 911”? What have you got to lose?

[Responding to IanS:]

I flipped through the book. On page 9, the dude calls the awakening of racial consciousness in the Young Turks “crypto-Jews and freemasons”. All because they genocided our precious Armenian Christcucks! These books are so banal and plugged in the Matrix.

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